I Won An Award…or a Nomination…Or Something…I Dunno…

So my friend over at Twenty-four At Heart has won an award! It’s very exciting and it’s a very ugly interesting award. It’s called the “Arte Y Pico” award and she won it because her site was nominated as one of style and substance. She then, in turn, nominated me for the award! So, curious to what the award was all about, I went to the website of the “Arte Y Pico” award and discovered it’s a site written entirely in Spanish! So I don’t know what I’m supposed to do…

Do I follow the rules that are posted on her site and repost all of the rules and guidelines that are set in place? Or do I say to heck with it and move on because I have no idea what this thing is all about? I mean, the Spanish site could be a website totally about child porn or something (actully, it looks like it’s about knitting…but what do I know). Yeah…I know, not likely, but how am I supposed to know if I can’t read it? I guess Barack Obama IS on to something when he says we should all be bilingual in some way.

Anyway, I appreciate the nomination from 24 At Heart! She is an awesome blogger and I visit her site just about every day! But I am going to decline the award just on the basis that I don’t want to link to a site that I can’t read! That and the award is just ugly too big and I got enough crap in my house already…I don’t know where I’d put such a god-awful interesting looking piece of crap artwork. But to keep with the idea of the award, I am going to start my own award called “The Totally Awesome In An 80’s Kind Of Way Blog Award”! I will follow the exact same rules as the Pico, but it will be for all of us to promote other sites of interest that is not a return link to me…it’s just a great way to share other sites with friends and everyone benefits! Here are MY choices for “TTAIA80KOW” award!!!

1. Twenty-four At Heart: As I said, I read Suzanne’s site every day and love seeing what she has to say next! Now ya got 2 awards! LOL

2. Vocabulary Of My Life: Kim got me started doing this blogging business, so you can blame her for all the nonsense that I write. She doesn’t blog enough these days! Maybe if you stop by she’ll start up again! Oh yeah…we used to date about 20 years ago. Can’t forget that little nugget…

3. …is this thing on?: Ashley has a unique and funny way of looking at life! She loves taking pictures, shooting things and making fun of anything from the 80’s. She is DEFINATELY up for an award like this…

4. A Little Left Of Lost: Danielle-lee is all woman and all kinds of funny!

5. Daniel’s Critical Corner: My favorite movie review site. Dan is THE MAN when it comes to finding a funny way to review a movie. His review of “The Happening” had me in tears!

And finally, I’m gonna give props to my brother one last time, in an attempt to aid him in his faltering attempt at blogging. I think it would be hysterical if all of a sudden he got 600 hits in a day just to see what his reaction would be! Visit Frank’s site at “The Veracity“. He’s not as funny as I am, but he loves to debate. You got something you want to bitch about? Go directly to him. He loves it! LOL

So there ya have it…”The Totally Awesome In An 80’s Kind Of Way Blog Award” nominees for this year! Maybe I’ll do it again next year! So stay tuned…’cause YOU too could be up for such a prestigious award!!!

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2 Responses to I Won An Award…or a Nomination…Or Something…I Dunno…

  1. Midlife Slices says:

    Oh crap, I got the same award from the lovely (at least she sounds lovely) Suzanne and I’ve been watching it float around and thinking, dang if these people run out of GOOD bloggers to send it to, I’ll eventually get it and what will I do? I didn’t have the nerve to be the first to decline. Now you’re my hero. hehehe. Obviously the awards main purpose is promoting the Arte Y Pico site and I wish I’d thought of it first. Ha! Way to have the courage to say…WTF? and no thanks, I’ll pass. On another note, I’m very appreciative of your great comments about my posts and thanks for adding me to your blogroll. I will be honored to add your site to my blogroll and become a regular lurker….ahem…..reader.

    Well…I just wish I had thought of such an award first! LOL But it is kind of a cheap way to get hits. I’d prefer people stop by because they were referred to my site or enjoy it and want to come by! Glad you came to visit and I look forward to enjoying your site also! 🙂

  2. byjane says:

    As she who honored Twentyfour At Heart with the grand and glorious Pico de Gallo award– oh, that’s the salsa, isn’t it–I am more than dismayed at the wanton disregard with which you not only have rejected the selfsame honor Twentyfour thought to bestow upon you but seemingly and with malice aforethought have fomented a revolution against the PdG award. What are you, a Commie? For shame, sir, for shame!

    Because I don’t know ByJane (although I shall now frequent her site often!), I will assume she is joking. However, in the case that she is upset and dismayed with my choice of declining the “Pito N Tito award”, I shall just plead the Katherine Heigl excuse and say that my sight is just not worthy of consideration for such an award. It should, however, be bestowed upon my brother’s site…because he CAN read spanish and therefore will know and understand how great the award is! So please feel free to nominate him to your hearts desire!

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