A Weekend Of Fun With Friends

So my wife’s friends came and went this weekend. Driving from as far as the Quad Cities in Illinois, the crew piled into 2 cars and made it late Thursday evening. The cast of characters were 3 of Steph’s best friends from high school, their husbands and their kids. On Friday, we went to King’s Island. Then on Saturday, Steph and the group went to the Cincinnati Museum at Union Terminal and saw the “Bodies” exhibit that has been so controversial around here. After that, everyone came over to our house for some grillin’ and fun! Later in the evening, the oldest of the kids (he’s 17…so he qualified) watched the younger ones (5 of them to be exact) as the adults went out for some drinks and more…adult conversation.

Anyway, I am speaking for myself and my wife when I say we had a great time seeing them and hope that we can get together with everyone again next summer! And a note to Josh…I am so sorry about the torture that Christopher put you through! But trust me…it ain’t half as bad as what your mother has done to you through the years! LOL  It was nice seeing everyone! Hope you had as much fun as we did!  🙂

Ava Showed Amy All Of The Pictures Of Herself!

Prepping A Delicious Meal!

Some Ate Inside…

And Some Ate Outside

Connor (aka Pooh)

Matt Hogged The Popcorn

The Husbands

BFF’s (minus one! Teresa…they missed you!)

Christopher Loves Hangin’  With Josh!


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  1. Midlife Slices says:

    To answer your question……I have no idea if they have Mooses in Colorado but I do know they got beer. I’ll be fine. 🙂

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