The Earth Is A Tiny Speck In A Large Universe. So Let’s Dance!

My wife and I were talking last night. It was one of those really deep talks where you get into every possible issue. Religion. Money. The economy. Our world today. I’m unhappy with the state our world is in right now. Nothing new there. I tend to think everyone has a gripe with something, right? But as we chatted, my mind got wandering and I have a question…why is it that we live on this tiny rock and we can’t get along? I mean, think of it in this way…the Earth is but one small planet in a universe so large than we can’t even fathom it. If there is a God (and that is up to you to decide how you feel about such things), do you honestly believe that he/she/it has time to concentrate solely on us? What about the other gazillion planets that are out there? God has to be watching and caring for them as well, right? So God leaves us to our own devices and says “Here ya go! Make good out of it!” and what do we do? We screw it up. I’m not one to brow beat humanity, but it seems like we’ve missed the point somewhere.

Seeing stories like the one from Minneapolis or the one from the New York hospital or any of the news stories about the wars happening all over the world…it’s all so petty. Stripped bare, aren’t we all just skin and bones? If we are all made of the same thing, what is it in our brains that makes us think that we are so much better than the other? I used ants as an example last night. Seriously, if we were smart, we would consider the ant a little more because ants know what their place is. Ants work together as a unit to get things done. Granted, there’s not much free will in the ant community. Probably not a whole lot of creative thought. No Michealangelo’s in the group. However, the way they go about their business should be commended. Could we, humanity as a whole, ever get to the point where we just worked in unison to better our ant hill known as Earth? When you think of it in that perspective, doesn’t it get a little bit clearer?

We only have this ONE planet. We only have this ONE life. As much as scientists would like us to think that we could go inhabit another world, I have to imagine that will not happen anytime within my lifetime…or probably my kids’ lifetime. We are stuck here with no where to go. So why do we hate one another so much? Is it money? Because that is all useless once you’re gone. Is it power? Because all the power you have is useless once you are gone. Is it anger? Because all your anger is going to do is destroy your spirit…and that will be gone as well. Nothing is forever, so why do we spend so much time fighting and arguing and bickering and tearing each other down. I don’t understand. Can anyone answer these questions?

Anyway, my wife introduced me to a guy who likes to dance. She’s actually never met him, but he has a website on ye ol’ world wide web and it’s a place you should definitely visit. His name is Matt. He likes to dance. And he likes to dance in every continent, every state, every uncharted territory in the world. It really is amazing watching this video. Usually I am not smitten by this sort of thing, but something about it made me smile. And it was a big smile…not one of those half-assed, “sorta smiling because my wife thinks this is cool but it’s really not” sort of things. This is really cool. Check it out! And be nice to one another. Life is too short and the world is too small for us to be hating one another. And now…let’s watch Matt dance…

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8 Responses to The Earth Is A Tiny Speck In A Large Universe. So Let’s Dance!

  1. ashley says:

    I had never seen that. That is such an awesome thing he did. WOW!

    Very impressive! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it!

  2. bonnieluria says:

    What you’ve written is so wonderfully true, basic, poignant, obvious and still we can’t get past ourselves to figure out that in a blink, none of it may matter because after we’re gone, our second cousins will be fighting over who gets the mantle clock ( not that I own such a thing or even have a mantle ).

    I was sent the dancing Matt video by a good friend just a few days ago ( 6.7 million hits…..) and saw exactly the opposite of what the ” great leaders of the world ” are unable and incapable of accomplishing.

    It’s a mighty statement about the true language of humanity. I too have passed it on.

    I really enjoy the musings on your blog and applaud your cortex!! Maybe this is the venue for good thinkers to hold court in because it’s not happening on the news channels or papers.

    Thank you for your kind words! I hope many others feel the same as you do. I get so discouraged sometimes and this video shows that we are all the same, no matter where we are on this planet.

  3. Julia says:

    All the things you have written are true and real. Earth is like a very tiny part of the universe and there are lot many things going on in the universe. We didn’t even know about it so just enjoy our life.

  4. alntv, you are such a communist! Who said human nature was pretty? We not nice!

    I believe civility is an acquired skill. Look at small kids playing: don’t they always want the other kid’s toy? Does the other kid ever want to share?

    In a perfect world, we would all be nice to each other, and everybody would be born with the same intelligence and the same wealth, and blogging would not exist because we would have nothing to bitch about. No round world through square glasses anymore. poof!

    Anyway, everything comes at a price, and as you mentioned it in your article about healthy food, people are only willing to pay so much. The price of sacrifice is only what the market will bear…

    Stop being so literal. I wanted to present a point…and you are ruining it! 😛

  5. Danielle-lee says:

    Lovely and true. Sometimes I find it hard to have hope about the future of our world. But then I see stuff like this video, and know that there is still hope, and still a slight chance that we won’t ruin it all.

    That video is amazing. I love it!

  6. kat says:

    thanks for such a moving video. I probably would never have seen it had you not shared it. made me all mushy and hopeful for the world. and I needed that because the world seems kinda sucky right now. 🙂

    I go through these odd stages where one day I really enjoy life, and then there are days where I am just in a state of amazement over how stupid we all are. It’s really very disconcerting and makes me feel a little psychotic. I’m starting to realize I’m not the only one…

  7. Sorry ;-(
    I’m jaded, have absolutely no faith in humanity, and should have refrained from spoiling your mood. Will you ever forgive me?
    Anyway, you should spend your time more constructively than tearing me down 🙂

    And so I will…

  8. Amber says:

    I have been thinking about a comment for this one since yesterday, and I am speechless. What you wrote sums it up perfectly. It’s nice to know that not all of humanity is blind, that we are not alone in our logic. (Besides nathaliewithanh.) Beautifully stated, and the video is inspiring.

    Thanks! And I wish I could take credit for the video…but I can’t! Go visit Matt’s site when you get a chance!

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