Popcorn And A Soda…The New Movie Review Site

My brother and I are going in on a little deal. We both like movies and we both watch a lot of movies and we both like to talk about movies…a lot. So, we’ve decided to put all of those hours watching movies to good use and start our own blog site! You can visit us at “Popcorn And A Soda” and check out our reviews of the latest films as well as stuff that we watch on DVD, VHS or straight off the boob tube (but it has to have been shown on the big screen! No t.v. show reviews here folks!).

Feel free to stop in there to see what we think about the latest line of summer blockbusters and all the classic films of the past! And feel free to leave a comment or 2…’cause we know you have an opinion! 🙂

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2 Responses to Popcorn And A Soda…The New Movie Review Site

  1. I think it would be nice if both of you offered reviews of the same movies (unless of course you agreed on everything.)
    If the interaction was funny, it could give the blog further appeal and also give different perspectives. Of course, you’d have to coordinate which might turn out to be a bit of a pain.

    We talked about how we could review the same movies on the same blog. We live in seperate cities though, so it might be hard to coordinate. The idea was that we could write about the movies we’ve seen at any given time. Obviously a movie like The Dark Knight we would both see, but usually not at the same time. Other than that, we watch a lot of DVD’s seperately and we both wanted to write about those as well. This is a work in progress…but we plan on having fun with it and trust me…we definitely do NOT have the same opinions…so it should be interesting! 🙂

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    Oh fun! Can’t wait to see the brotherly love flowin’ on the same site! 🙂

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