“Watch Out For Tomatoes!”

I’ll get you and your little tomatoes too!

Bad storms here in Cincinnati yesterday. Heavy winds blew over trees. Lots of lightning in the sky. A tornado warning was issued. So, being the good father that I am, I asked my family to join me for a little rest and relaxation in the basement of our little home, just in case a twister decided it wanted to take us for a little ride to Oz.

My son played his Nintendo DS, my wife folded clothes and my daughter read her “Fancy Nancy” book. I, being the protective father that I am, watched the weather reports on television. After about 15 minutes or so, I decided I was going to bravely head upstairs to check to see if the storm had passed. As I walked towards the stairs, Ava called out to me…”Watch out for the tomatoes, daddy!”

Christopher burst into one of his laughing fits and Ava just looked at him like HE was the crazy one! Oh… how I love my kids! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Watch Out For Tomatoes!”

  1. Another thing I’ve never done — hid from a tornado! And we don’t have basements in California. No fireflies, no tornadoes!

    Well…you just don’t know what your missing out there on the west coast with all your seashores and big houses…

  2. mom says:

    LOVVVVE IT!!!! Best laugh I’ve had all day. Go Ava!!! Mom

  3. Amber says:

    Simply adorable!

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