She Likes To Kiss Girls? Whaaaaat?

So the above is a new song out by Katy Perry. Don’t know where she came from (okay…I do know. She came from California…but whatever.). But right now she has a chart-topping song called “I Kissed A Girl”. It’s a catchy song. It does have some ballsy lyrics though, revolving around Katy hanging out in a club and kissing a girl as an experiment and liking it and so on and so forth. So I wouldn’t consider it to be music for the kiddies. However today as I was driving home from the park, I was getting cash out of the bank machine and it came on the radio.

Now, first of all, I am not one for censorship. Music has always and hopefully will continue to be honest and straight-forward. There have been many great bands who have expressed their political, religious and sexual views, and I’m all for it. I think that is what music is here for…to express one’s opinion. And it is my right to decide what I want to listen too or what I want my kids to hear. And that is what my issue is with hearing it on the radio.

First off, my daughter LOVES music. Especially pop music. Especially pop music that sounds like Gwen Stefani. So when it came on, she called out “Daddy! Turn it up!” and so I did. And then I heard what song it was (took me about 3 seconds. I actually like the song!) and I didn’t know what I should do. I mean…it’s a pop song and it’s really popular right now. So when a radio station is playing it, it should be okay, right?

Well…I don’t know. I understand that my 3-year old probably doesn’t get the meaning of this song (although she DOES know the lyrics to a lot of songs!), but my 6-year old has been asking questions about…stuff. So now he hears it and starts to think and then what? What do I say? Being liberal has its ups and downs…that’s for sure. But I’m thinking any questions that might arise from the lyrics of this song might be a little more than I’m qualified to handle.

So I’m gonna be changing the channel on this one from now on while the kiddies are in the car. Or better yet, I’ll just burn off a couple of CD’s with music I can play for them and not bother with all the commercials on radio nowadays anyway. Katy Perry is cool if you like her music, but I’m thinking right now might not be the age to clutter my kids’ heads with this kind of pop/sex music. And it’s definitely not the age for them to be asking me if their mommy has ever kissed a girl. That’s for me to know and them to never find out!

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6 Responses to She Likes To Kiss Girls? Whaaaaat?

  1. Red says:

    I liked it until I heard it for the 3,971,979th time on the radio!
    Just wait until they seeee it on tv (two girls kissing) and they ask questions.

    And what time is that video on? I’ll make sure THEY are outside playing and I will have MTV fired up!

  2. At 9, my favorite song was “Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?”. I thought they were having slumber parties. Of course, these were different times. My parents did not make a big deal about it when I sang it and it never occurred to me to ask for specificities.
    I don’t think the subject matter is particularly indicated for a 6 year-old, not much because she kissed a girl, but because she does not even know the name of the chick AND she does not care. 😉

    Uh…yeah…but they were speaking in French. “I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It” is probably not what I want my 3-year old singing at church on Sunday (even though it would be pretty damn funny!)

  3. heather says:

    My daughter is 14 and it gives me the creeps to hear her playing this song. Mainly, because she plays it 7000 times a day. Freakin Rhapsody. And I’d kick her butt if she played it in front of the nieces. So yeah. I agree on the channel changing.

    Just curious…has she asked you about the lyrics at all? Or is she too old for that now?

  4. heather says:

    I think she totally gets the lyrics. I asked her why she liked it and she said it’s just a “fun” song. Whatev.

  5. Danielle-lee says:

    I LOVE that song! It is soo catchy!
    But I understand… 3 year old is the same way-she yells at me to ‘turn it up!’ on a ton of songs, and some are not all that appropriate. And apparently, she is learning words, because she walks around the house singing ‘Let’s see how far we’ve come’ by Matchbox 20. What can we do?

  6. Jon says:

    I don’t get it. What’s the problem with this song? Virtually every song on the radio is about kissing or having sex.

    Is this one more bad or risque because it’s a girl kissing a girl, instead of a girl kissing a guy?

    Yep. If you have kids it is. But you have a good point and I hear what you’re saying. Maybe I should be changing MY perspectives…

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