Pants Are A Terrible Thing To Waist

So I have an enire closet filled with pants. Jeans, slacks, khakis. I have Dockers and Levis. Whatever. And the funny thing is…I only wear shorts in the summer and maybe cycle through a couple of pair of jeans and sweats in the winter! And why do I not wear pants? Because I grew out of them.

Yes, that’s right…I got fat. Well…not FAT fat, but fat enough that squeezing myself into a size 36″ was starting to get annoying. I couldn’t tuck in my shirts without feeling stuffed into them and I like looser, less form-fitting clothes…so I stopped wearing most of them.

So yesterday I decided I was gonna clean them out. They were filling up my closet and I figured if I’m not gonna wear them, then they are just a tying up valuable space in our little cape cod home. So I pulled all of them out of the closet, all ready to chuck most of them, until I tried a pair on.

And they fit. And so did the next pair, and the next pair…

Now…I have been trying to lose weight for maybe a month now. I’ve been going to the gym, doing situps, spinning twice a week, cutting back on my calories and the amount of crap that I normally eat. And all this time I have been avoiding stepping on a scale because I didn’t want to be discouraged. Honestly, the only reason I embarked on this little adventure was because of vacation pictures of me on the beach made me look huge and a little bet my brother made me (which he has since broken HIS end of the bargain…so he sucks). But last week I allowed myself to get on the scale at the gym for the first time since the last time I weighed myself at 202 lbs…and I am down to 192.

So now I feel like some of what I’m doing is paying off! I’m losing weight, eating better, feeling better and, best of all, I’m not throwing away any pants! And that gives me a sense of accomplishment. So yesterday I kept all my pants except for 2 pair…and they were the ones that were for a waist of 38″.

Money well spent if you ask me! 🙂

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14 Responses to Pants Are A Terrible Thing To Waist

  1. Congratulations! That is awesome!! You should feel so proud of yourself!

    I do!

  2. kmcdade says:

    Hey — good for you!

  3. bonnieluria says:

    Aside from the obvious benefits of living a healthier life, one of the BEST things about this is that you already have jeans that are BROKEN IN!.
    Could there be anything better than jeans that already conform to you and are worn in just the right places?

    A wonderful accomplishment- even better that you didn’t realize it.

    Thank you…and yes, the 10 pounds WAS a surprise! And I do like the fact that not only do the pants fit me…but now I don’t have to buy new ones! LOL

  4. 10 lbs. in one month- that’s impressive.

  5. Let me get this right: you were going to throw away all of your pants rather than get your ass to the gym until you lost the fat? What do you do for a living again? Aren’t you in SPORT reporting?
    So now that you’re reaped the fruits of your hard labor, can we expect a blog update next month, “Pants are an Awesome Thing to Waist”, when you reach size 34? Then can we get a shot of the 6 pack?

    Well…I wasn’t gonna throw away ALL of them…but I was gonna weed out a few that I never wear! And I’m not a sports reporter…I create graphics for television sports events. And as for a 6-pack…I’ll post a picture only if there is a signed petition from over 200 people who are interested in seeing my belly. Will that work?

  6. Midlife Slices says:

    I was all poised to write something about feeling your pain (with the tight pants) and then you go and spoil it by saying yours now fit! Way to blow my compassion right out the window. You suck! 😦 All men suck when it comes to their ability of losing weight so easily.

    Yeah…can’t argue with that. Sorry…but I’m a guy.

  7. mandy says:

    Congrats Alan! I am very happy for you (and also ticked at Frank for not sticking to his end of the bet).

    Yeah…Frank sucks.

  8. Danielle-lee says:

    WOOHOO! I am so jealous!!! I have a ton of freakin’ pants in my closet, and the last time i tried them on was right b4 i started boot camp. I REFUSE TO TRY THEM ON YET. I know i will just get discouraged. 😦
    But I am so glad for you!!!
    Now, if we could just get on your brother for not holding up his end of the bargain….

    I am looking forward to hearting about more of your bootcamp experiences! And my brother sucks. Smoking is the absolute worst habit EVER. I know it’s a tough one to break…but still. A bet IS a bet!

  9. Ry says:

    Congratulations! And hey, screw the scale, it’s all about the pants fitting, right?

  10. fjl21 says:

    Frank sucks big time. If he were here right now and I had a rubber hose….

    Seriously…you suck. Smoking sucks and you suck. And you are a big wuss for not stopping.

  11. I got 8 signatures just this morning.

    Uh huh…but do I know them? ‘Cause I ain’t falling for the “I-got-200-signatures-from-people-at-the-mall” trick. Nice try there lady…

  12. I can’t believe you are reneging. Treachery! Turncoatery! I don’t know about abs, but you’ve got balls! What do I do now with the wishes of these 8 people (including police officer Crain)?

    And now you want me to post a picture of “my boys”? You are one strange woman…LOL

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