Rick Springfield Is Getting Old…And So Am I

You might remember me. I used to hang on your sister’s wall…

Bet you didn’t know this, but Rick Springfield released a new album this week. Yeah…I know…Rick Springfield is STILL making music? Or in some cases…who the hell is Rick Springfield? Well…if you don’t know who he is, he was the guy on “General Hospital” back in the day that EVERY girl wanted to get with. And then, to add to his popularity, he went and had a couple of hit songs back in the early 80’s such as “Jessie’s Girl” (which won him a Grammy for Best Male Rock Performance), “Don’t Talk To Strangers” (which made it to #2 on Billboards pop charts) and “Love Somebody” (which was his last official hit in the U.S. and went to #5 in 1984). Since then, the guy has kind of disappeared from the music scene here in the states.

How do I know so much about Rick Springfield, you might be asking yourself? Well…I admittedly looked all the above info up on Wikipedia. I don’t really know much of anything about Rick Springfield other than when I was younger, I really liked his songs and I owned both of his cassettes that had the dog on the cover. Years have passed and I hadn’t really thought about Rick Springfield until today. I was scanning the new releases on ITunes and his new album was one of them. So I checked it out…and it sounds like Rick Springfield. So if you liked his music then…then you’ll probably like it now. But there is one song on this album that I REALLY like and I felt like I had to share it with you. It’s titled “Time Stand Still” and it’s track #7 off his new album “Venus In Overdrive”.

When I download songs off ITunes, I have to like the hook. In order to decide whether to spend $1 on a song, it has to catch me right away. And this one did. And then I listened to the words…and I felt like I understand what Springfield is going through. Essentially it’s a song about getting older. And I can definitely relate to that.

So if you have .99 cents to spare, and you want to hear a really good pop/rock song that has lyrics that may or may not move you (depending on your age and if you were listening to music in the 80’s), then go check it out. Rick Springfield is never gonna outsell Bruce Springsteen, but he does know a decent hook when he hears it. And sometimes that’s all it takes to catch an ITunes surfer like me…

Remember the dog covers now???

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3 Responses to Rick Springfield Is Getting Old…And So Am I

  1. bonnieluria says:

    This is such funny timing! We listen to the morning news shows just to make sure the mainland is still intact , and to stimulate our ire at the thugs in charge ( ok, I digress here ), and my husband asked me ( I was in the kitchen and didn’t see the TV ) ” Hey, does Bruce Springsteen have a son who recorded an album”?
    No, I said, I don’t think so.
    Must have been the PR people at large, sending out the word about Ricks’ new album. Springsteen, Springfield, they all sound alike, right….?
    “Who’s Rick Springfield “, he asked.
    I tried to remember the name of his big hit ( Jesses’ Girl ) but couldn’t think of it.
    And now, here’s your post!!!
    Thanks for filling in those lost synapses and reminding me why I recall knowing that I loved the album cover but couldn’t place why that was!
    I will check out that song, too.
    Great post, again.

    Apparently Springfield even has a song about how people are constantly referring to him as Bruce! Obviously you can’t even compare, but I think it’s funny that he recognizes it and wrote a song about it. And thank you…again 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Rick has been around for many years and he still rocks. check out his website at Rickspringfield.com for more info.

    I probably won’t. But thanks for checking out my site anyways!

  3. qwerty123 says:

    Karma had a dog on the cover too, but that one wasn’t a big seller.

    I’ve listened to the samples on Amazon and there are plenty of better singles on it than “What’s Victoria’s Secret.” I don’t know why that song’s being showcased over everything else. But then, he’s admitted that he kind of sucks at recognizing singles. He didn’t even think “Jessie’s Girl” was anything special until the record execs told him so.

    “Nothing is Ever Lost” kind of reminds me of his early-early “Speak to the Sky” period.

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