Got this from Red. Seeing as how the last “meme” was such a bust, I figured this one looked more interesting. Just complete the statements that are started in bold. Simple as that.

I am: a typical guy. Like sports, music, movies, gadgets, sex. So on and so forth.

I think: our country has serious issues.

I know: I will be working a lot over the next few months.

I have: a long way to go to get in the shape I want to be in.

I wish: I had more money.

I hate: lima beans.

I miss: my family…constantly

I fear: getting injured and not being able to work.

I hear: R.E.M., which is playing on my computer right now.

I smell: McDonalds coffee, which I picked up on the way back from the gym this morning.

I crave: nothing really…

I search: for inner peace.

I wonder: how much my kids will grow in the next year.

I regret: my divorce, even though it was the right thing to do.

I love: my wife and kids…unconditionally.

I ache: in my shoulders. Too much weight added this morning.

I am not: good at paying attention.

I believe: good things happen to you if you believe in yourself.

I dance: with my kids.

I sing: in my car.

I cry: uh…no I don’t.

I fight: mean. Or so my wife tells me…

I win: at basketball. Or I used too…

I lose: things only when people move them from where I put them.

I never: leave a room without turning off the light. I’ve heard it’s annoying.

I always: get up first before anyone else in my house and make coffee.

I confuse: names. Terrible with ’em.

I listen: for approximately 5 minutes. Anything beyond that I start to lose focus.

I can usually be found: writing on the computer or listening to music.

I am scared: about the future of our country.

I need: to listen better.

I am happy about: the way my kids are growing up. They really are very good kids.

I imagine: things will get worse before they get better.

I tag: you tag, we all play tag. YOU’RE IT!

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4 Responses to I

  1. Red says:

    haha! loved this, alan.
    im sure you do cry .. manly men cry. it’s hot.
    and yeah, lima beans suck.
    i turn off lights too . . and it pisses me to see someone walk out of a room without doing so.
    i hope you find your inner peace . . !

    I do cry…but I’m not a manly man. Manly men can fix faucets.
    Thank you…lima beans suck hard!
    I’m glad I’m not the only insane person in the world!
    And I am looking…I think a good all-inclusive vacation would help…

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    i am sooo not doing this meme. I’m on meme strike.
    lima beans? come on, they are awesome!!!
    you don’t cry? whatever!
    also? I saw a trend in your lack of listening skills there. funny!

    You soooo should do this meme…’cause it’s actually a good one!
    Lima beans totally suck.
    I do cry…but only when someone forces me to eat lima beans.
    I’m sorry…what else were you talking about?

  3. kat says:

    this is a great meme… I always picture you singing in your car on your way to some sporting event. (kinda like the free falling scene with tom hanks in jerry mcguire)

    I am a much better singer than Tom Cruise in Jerry Macguire…thank you very much!

  4. fjl21 says:

    Alan cries like a baby. He always has and he always will. He might be weeping right now, the odds are good.

    I AM crying right now…how did you know?

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