I’m Done With It (Smoking Kills)

Okay…okay…I’ve had enough. So my brother and I have had this ongoing rift because he’s a smoker. He smokes “reds” or “blacks” or whatever. I call them cigarettes. They are these little rolled up packages of cancer that can and will eventually kill anyone who uses them. The argument is that everyone dies sooner or later, right? Well…all MY life I’ve chosen later. If you are interested in the extended backstory to how and why my brother smokes you can go here, or I can just tell you why because apparently this is what it comes down too…

He thinks it’s cool.

Hmmm…well that’s kind of pathetic, but whatever. It’s what he wants. Apparently everyone was doing it or has done it so that makes it ok. My Dad did it when he was younger, my sisters apparently all did it. Some guy named Mike did it. So it must have been cool BACK THEN. But now we are not BACK THEN. Now he has a son and a beautiful wife and I imagine he probably has bills to pay. Smoking is a waste. It’s a waste of time, it’s a waste of money and it will kill him eventually.

My brother is young. He’s 30 this year. What he’s gonna find out is that, just like when he turned 20, he won’t be 30 forever. It will catch up to him. Maybe not this year or even next. But somewhere down the line, he won’t be strong and healthy. It won’t matter what he eats (and no matter what he says, he does NOT eat healthy. I’ve seen the late night Dorito binges and the guzzling of soda at midnight) or what kinds of exercises he does, cigarettes will put him on the fast track to dead faster than he thinks.

But now I’m over it. We have done this before. Frank bet me that I could stop biting my fingernails and I failed. So he has that to run with. I had weight to lose so he leveraged his smoking. I lost weight and he didn’t quit smoking. And you know what…I don’t care about what he did. Do I give him shit about the fact that he can’t quit? Yep. It’s what brothers do. But here’s a little secret Frank…I lost weight for myself. Not for you. I want to feel good about myself. I want to lose weight and watch what I eat because I feel that I can be a better person if I’m in shape. I can play with my kids. I can run around the block. I can walk a golf course without my back aching. I decided to lose weight on my own. I didn’t need our bet to do it. You wanna smoke…go for it. But as smart as you think you are, you’re not. Because smoking is stupid. Smoking will kill you. And your family will suffer the repurcussions of it.

So somewhere down the line, you’re gonna start having problems breathing. And then you’ll go to the doctor and they’ll tell you you have lung cancer. And then maybe there will be a time limit to how much time you have left. And then you will have to look your wife and son in the eye and tell them what that doctor told you. And then how cool will you be? I’m sure that will be waaaaay cool, dude.

Good luck with the cancer lottery! But I’m all out. You want to be left alone, you got it. I love you. You are my brother and one of my best friends. But no matter how smart you think you are and no matter how strong you think you are, you are an idiot. 

Smoking kills. It’s been scientifically proven. That’s all I got.

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9 Responses to I’m Done With It (Smoking Kills)

  1. Midlife Slices says:

    I love it when we can use our blogs to send a clear and unmistakable message of love to a certain person. I hope your brother gets the right message and knows you love him and decides he WANTS to quit for himself. Good luck!

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    Well done! I am backing you on this, 100%!
    Frank, get your shit together and quit. You CAN do it. Not only will your family appreciate it, but YOU WILL TOO.

  3. Come on Alan, live and let die.

    Your brother will quit when he is ready. It takes incredible strength of character to do away with such an addiction and it is not fair of you to pound on him because he is weak or not ready to go through the grind.

    I smoked two to three packs a day for 15 years. I knew the risks but, health problems, they only happen to others. Smoking had become part of my identity. I would light a cigarette not realizing I still had a smoking one in the ashtray.

    I quit because at 30 I wanted braces. The orthodontist said he would not do a thing if I did not quit smoking. That was incentive, but I was still anxiety-ridden at the idea of being able to lose the habit. Sometimes, you don’t try for fear of failure.

    A friend of mine convinced me to go to a hypnotist. In my mind, I had the vision of a turbaned fellow making me cluck like a chicken but I felt desperate enough to try anything.

    The session lasted half an hour. I never smoked again, nor did I ever feel the need. I can’t say that I felt anything different about myself afterwards besides smelling good and not having to rush out of the house at 2 am because if I didn’t, I would not have been able to have a cigarette when I woke up the next morning.

    Su hermano will quit when he decides to and no amount of wishful thinking on your part will make any difference.

    Until then, just prevent him from playing golf too much.

    I would LOVE to see my brother cluck like a chicken! THAT would be awesome!

  4. Kim says:

    Wow. Talk about tough love! Nicely done.

  5. bonnieluria says:

    I congratulate you on caring enough to make your thoughts known. It is true that although you can lead a horse to water you can’t make him put on a bathing suit, it’s also good to remember that the people we love, are not always able to read our thoughts.
    It’s fine for people you love and care about to know how you feel about what they do.
    You may not be able to make him change, but it beats the alternative of keeping quiet and not showing that you care.
    It’s a tough one.

  6. To your brother…
    I smoked myself, tried a half dozen times to quit. Finally did using Chantix.
    Its a good feeling.

  7. Yes, Vinyl Villager, it’s a pretty good feeling unless your name is Carter Albrecht and it gets you killed…

  8. Danielle-lee says:

    Oh, Nathalie-
    I totally thought that! MY mom has been smoking for over 40 years and really wants to stop, but can’t. She wants to try Chantix, but I told her about Carter, and she already has major sleep disturbances, so it totally worries me.
    I wonder if everyone has the bizarre freaky dreams??

  9. Alan, this is between Danielle-Lee and me, sorry.

    I’m not an expert on the Chantix question but my crazy sister took it, and she did experience the bizarre dreams. By the way, I’m still selling her on eBay if anyone is interested.

    Has your mom ever tried hypnosis? It does not work with everybody but it worked like a charm on me.

    No problem! Knock yourselves out! 🙂
    Also in all fairness to the drug manufacturer, Carter had been drinking heavily that night.

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