The Last Burst

I don’t know about you, but I have 2 kids who HATE going to bed. Around 7:30 every night, if my wife’s not home, I try to start getting the kids set for bed, and it’s amazing the amount of sideways talk and “himming and hawing” I have to go through to get these 2 into their pajamas and off to bed for the evening. I feel like I’m a good parent and I want my kids to have fun, but there always seems to be that last burst of energy that I have to wait for them to get through before I can get anything done with them.

Usually it starts with Ava. She gets really chatty and starts talking really fast. And then she says something funny and Christopher starts laughing. So Ava sees that whatever she said is making him laugh so she says it again. And so Christopher is giggling at this point and Ava is laughing too. Then she starts to run around the dinner table for no apparent reason. And he laughs even more! So now HE’S all wound up, Ava is still literally running in circles (which makes me nervous because she’s clumsy like her mother and could wipe out at any given time) and now Barkley thinks it’s playtime and wants someone to play with him…so HE starts chasing Ava and Christopher is now laughing hysterically and this makes Ava laugh and before you know it everything is out of control and I’m supposed to have them in bed somewhere around 8:15 and it’s already 8:05!

It’s complete CHAOS and we’re 10 minutes before bedtime!!! I still have to get them in their pj’s (Ava usually has her shorts on but not her top and Christopher is STILL wearing his regular clothes. He can’t stop laughing long enough to put his jammies on), get their teeth brushed, read a story (which is a completely different type of madness…”I want THIS book!” “NO! I want THIS book!”), and then get them up to bed, say prayer and then tuck both of them in (twice for Ava…gotta get that last cover-up in!)!

Probably NOT gonna happen in 10 minutes.


Oh well…summer is almost over. Might as well let them have their fun…right? But once school starts, it’s 8:15 on the nose dammit! Well….unless I can’t stop laughing also…then maybe I’ll make it 8:30…

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5 Responses to The Last Burst

  1. Midlife Slices says:

    I linked you again. Sorry….I’m really not a stalker. It’s just that you are so…so linkable. 🙂

  2. I hear a little scotch works wonders. Baby valium?

    Last resort: emulate the Ramones with the baseball bat.

    I think that once you start laughing, your goose is pretty much cooked.

    Once daddy thinks its funny, it never ends! LOL

  3. kmcdade says:

    This sounds entirely familiar. 🙂

  4. kat says:

    were you spying on us last night or what?! minus the dog and change a few names and you get our nightly routine… 🙂

    Yep…had my binoculars out…

  5. Chuck says:

    8:30?????? I’m happy to get my girls in bed by 10.


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