7:30am Could Be Interesting

So Christopher starts 1st Grade next week. EVERYONE is very excited! He has new tennis shoes, went shopping for school supplies, has a couple of new t-shirts. Life is good. Yesterday we took him to his first orientation. Basically it was a brief overview of the school and how parents need to be timely when dropping off the kids at 7:30am and picking them up at 3:15pm and how the food line at the cafeteria works and how…

Wait a minute…did I just say 7:30…AM? As in the morning?


Oh, this could be very interesting…because it’s 7:33am right now and not a creature is stirring here in this old Kentucky home. I figure in about 10 minutes Christopher will get up, followed by Ava at 8:12am and then somewhere around 8:45 or so my wife rolls out of bed. So someone needs to explain to me, when I’m not home…how in the world is my wife gonna have both kids up, Christopher dressed and fed, Ava somewhat coherent and Steph up and dressed (although I guess she could  just drive in her jammies and hop in the dropoff line which flows in an orderly fashion to the right of the school and around the parking lot. Please do not try to drive straight because you will end up causing flow stoppage…and we wouldn’t want that) and then get him to his school literally 2.5 blocks away. And yes…we do live THAT close to his school. And still I’m worried.

If my wife had her way, she would get out of bed around noon. So I dunno how this is gonna go down. Could be interesting. Especially that first month or so when everyone is still getting used to the hours. I can only imagine the phone calls I’m gonna get this winter…

“The kids won’t get up and my head is killing me and Christopher won’t wear what I got out for him and he didn’t want cereal he wanted eggs & spinach (thanks Grandma) and Ava refuses to get in the car unless she can bring every toy she has ever owned and…blah blah blah. And now I’m going back to bed.”

Well…you get the idea. Ahhhh…first grade. I’m sure it’s gonna make us all kids again. And we’re in for some interesting blogs I’m sure! Stay tuned…it’s almost here! And we’re all gonna be up and runnin’ at 7:15am. It’s not gonna be pretty…LOL

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5 Responses to 7:30am Could Be Interesting

  1. We don’t start school here till after Labor Day but I’m dreading it! I am NOT a morning person and I have to get up at 5:30 a.m. to have them at school at SEVEN … almost a 40 minute drive (each way) away. It sucks.

    Wow! 40 minute drive to school?!?!? Screw that! Ever heard of home schooling? LOL

  2. heather says:

    My daughter starts on the 28th, but we’re pros at it, she’s going to be a sophomore. I’ve sort of always been a morning person. 5 am is even a tad earlier than I like though. At least she takes the bus, so I don’t have to clean snow off my car in the winter, or whatever.

    We live so close, I think I’m gonna teach him how to hop fences in the wintertime! Cut through some yards and he’ll be there in a jiffy!

  3. kat says:

    Steph sounds like me. When I quit waking up for Mickey’s, I lost the ability to get up before 7:30. Then I got all allergic to alarm clocks when I was a realtor. Don’t know what I’m gonna do when my babies start school. But I can imagine what Steph will look like:)

    Oh…she’ll be beautiful, I’m sure! LOL

  4. Danielle-lee says:

    I am not a morning person. Never have been. I would love to sleep until 9, or 10, if at all possible, but it’s not. I dread getting up early to get my girl to school once she’s in public school! And starting the 27th, I’ll have to be up way earlier to get myself to school, about 35 minutes away. gah. early mornings blow.

  5. mandy says:

    My kids are have to be at school at 7:30 and I am supposed to be at work at 7:30. No problem, since I routinely get out of bed at about 7:05 every morning. Now you know why I wear my hair in a bun everyday.

    Sir Mix-A-Lot likes buns…

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