Quality vs Quantity

This picture has nothing to do with this blog…I just think she’s kinda SMOKIN’ HOT!Monica Bellucci

Okay…so this is gonna be my 386th post since October 2007. That’s 10 months. 10 long months of writing…A LOT. Yes…it is true, I’ve been writing my busy little fingers off for a while now and have very little to show for it. I have no sponsors. I have no ads to litter up this blog space. I have no jukeboxes and twitters or tweeters or whatever you call them. And I have very few readers. But the ones who do visit here have made it known that I blog. And I blog a lot. Between my brother and a few other readers, it has come to my attention that maybe I need to tone it down a bit. Maybe it’s time to take a long, hard look at WHAT I’m blogging about and not just write every little thought that pops into my head. Maybe I need to compose and organize and re-think my posts a little, giving them time to bloom instead of throwing them out there like seeds on top of the dirt.

Or maybe I just like writing? Don’t really care if it’s good or bad…I just like doing it. Sure, you get some squalor every now and then like this blog or this blog. But sometimes you get stuff that is actually quite good…like this or this or this. Sometimes it’s funny stuff such as this. Sometimes it’s angry like this and sometimes it’s just plain silly and probably should have been left out, like this, this and this.

Whatever…I have fun doing it. And you just keep on coming back (or at least some of you do)! But someday maybe I’ll need to take a break and all 5 of you will be all confused because I didn’t post something today?

What’s up with Alan? Is he okay? Did he break his arm? Did he forget to sit at his computer today to type out some magical nonsense that only he understands? What is wrong with him??? Where did he go!?!?”

Oh yeah…you know you’d miss me if I stopped. There would be a dark void that would fill the earth. A loneliness that no one could replace. Your lives would forever be lost and there could be nothing to fill that emptiness. Oh what would you do without another blog about pop music or another silly Top 10 list or a Picture of the Day (that happens maybe 3 times a month)? Where would you go? Would you sadly turn off your computer and go read a book (maybe Danny’s new book over at “Dad Gone Mad”?)? Would you be stuck at work, with nothing to do but fill out TPS Reports? Or would you look to another writer? Someone who maybe doesn’t blog as much as me, but has a version of the Top 10 lists that isn’t quite up to par…but it will do…because ALAN ISN’T BLOGGING ANYMORE?!?!?

It would be sad, would it not?

So…what will it be people? Quality OR Quantity? You let me know. But think long and hard about your decision. My blog life is in your hands! And be careful what you wish for…because your wish might just come true…

Oh…and for those of you looking for an image with a little more substance than that of Monica Belucci’s butt above…here ya go!

Aaaaaah…look at the widdle puddy kitty. Ain’t he cute?

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11 Responses to Quality vs Quantity

  1. You have to do what’s best for you – what brings you satisfaction, joy. I write 5 posts a week and feel like I am not having the time to really spend the time on them to make them all I’d like to. I am hoping once my kids get back in school I have more time to spend on QUALITY. I think bloggers have to compromise somewhat. If you only post one masterpiece a month, no one will be waiting around to read it. Maybe several in a day doesn’t give you the time to truly write vs. just type?
    I guess it comes back to what your reasons are for blogging and where you get your satisfaction from.

    Here are my thoughts on this…I DO write too much. A lot of times, I compromise quality simply because, and I have to put this out there even though I know I might offend someone, I don’t really take this as seriously as some people do. I really enjoy Top 10 lists and music and movies and I like talking about my family and funny things my kids say. Do I have a masterpiece blog in me? Hell…I don’t know. I really consider this as more of an outlet for me to get things off my mind and to let anyone who cares to know the things I’m thinking about today. It’s all good fun…and I enjoy it. Some days I get a lot of things moving around in my brain and just have to share. I like sharing…it’s a nice thing to do! 🙂

  2. kmcdade says:

    Funny you should ask — I’ve been moving toward a bit more focus for my blog. Just a bit. And I’m moving the blog itself, although the official announcement won’t be posted until tomorrow at 3 p.m. PDT. My blog will henceforth be at http://www.technoearthmama.com. You’re hearing it first here, people!

    So, you could focus your blogging on a particular topic or related set of topics.

    You could also have more than one blog, and separate stuff that way. I have another blog (which gets only a teeny, tiny amount of traffic) that is religion-oriented. Other people I know have a blog specifically for gardening, or books, or what have you.
    ANYWAY…check out my new site; look at the About TechnoEarthMama page to see what I’m doing with it, and look for the announcement at 3 p.m. (or whatever time it is over there).

    Good night!

    I already have a 2nd site called “Popcorn And A Soda“! So…I’m one step ahead of ya! 🙂

  3. fjl21 says:

    I like your constant blog, I get to hear about the family, work or even Monica Belucci’s butt in one site visit. Perfect.

    Well look who showed up to voice an opinion…Mr. “my brother blogs too much” himself. LOL

  4. bonnieluria says:

    Ahhh, writers’ self doubt rears its’ head – the same body part that turns traitorous on the artist/painter!
    It doesn’t really mean anything because you’ll never have the absolute solution or the right answer.

    To thine own self be true, no?

    Runners run, they don’t win every race or beat their best time, every time. But they love to run.

    Just write.

    And keep writing. Getting too analytical ( look at the first 4 letters of that word ..) can suck the joy out of something you love to do.
    If you’re trying to write a specific topic, dedicate another forum to it.
    If this is the place where it just flows for you, be oh so grateful that it flows and know that you’re pulling in some good and loyal readers who feel the pull.

    Maybe your quantity is quality.

    Well thank you very much! I appreciate the kind words and am taking them to heart!

  5. Matt A. says:

    Here’s my take. I have 3 blogs – Media Junkie, Player 1 Start (which hasn’t been touched in months), and a personal blog for…well, personal stuff, funny stories, rants or whatever. The thing is they’re all MY blogs. I write to an audience but not for an audience. Some posts are well-written, and some are freeform garbage. If I have no readers I wouldn’t change the frequency or content of my writing because I do it for myself first and foremost.

    I enjoy writing. I always have. One of these days I will get off my lazy ass and finish one of those novels I’ve started because it has been a dream of mine to be an author since I was little. With my blogs, I write just for fun. I don’t worry about pageviews or anything because it’s something I enjoy doing for myself. As long as you enjoy writing, don’t worry about whether your posts meet some criteria for “quality”. Your blog(s) belong to you; use them as you see fit.

    Sounds like sound advice…I appreciate it!

  6. Midlife Slices says:

    I can barely keep up with one and posting once a day, but I do have a rather backed up “draft” list and sometimes when I go back to them I realize I should have posted them long ago because now they just aren’t timely. Post what you want, when you want and the people will come……..or not.

    I’m more prepared for the “…or not” than you think…

  7. heather says:

    You DO write a lot, you really do. But it’s ok by me because I like reading what you write, and I like the top ten stuff interspersed with everything else, it adds variety. I wish I could write as much. My problem is that even when I don’t realize it, I have an agenda. I either lecture and/or rant, or I poke fun at others/myself. I don’t do a lot of editing or proofreading (except spelling) and I think that hurts me a little. I am not that great a writer, but so many funny things happen in my life, that I want to share it all. I still can’t always convey everything that’s funny into the written word and still have it seem funny to others. Maybe I’ve gotten a little better with practice, but it just isn’t a talent I naturally have. I can enthrall people with my description of something hilarious, but that’s in person. Much harder to convey it in a blog. Keep writing – I’ll keep reading, and writing, and trying to do better.

    That’s interesting…I’m the opposite. I’m not really all that funny in person. I think my writing is funnier than I am sometimes!

  8. kat says:

    I for one would miss you terribly. My vote is for you to keep writing as much as you want. I like to follow your moods and keep a watchful eye on my big bro. Plus you crack me up man….

    Uh oh…someone’s watching me??? Crap…

  9. mom says:


    OKAY! OKAY!!! I’ll write! Now will you stop YELLING AT ME?!?!?

  10. Amber says:

    Write on big bro, I love it all!

  11. Danielle-lee says:

    You write a lot, but I don’t think it is ‘too much’ by any means. I just can’t always keep up, but that doesn’t mean you need to slow down. I try to go for quality, but sometimes quantity wins. Do what makes you happy. Fuck ’em! :0)
    Oh, and who is this woman and why must she be so gorgeous?? gah.

    I’m starting to get the feeling I should just continue writing at my own pace. I like it…and everyone else seems to like it also!

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