What The Heck…People Who Sit On Stairs?

Driving around town today and I noticed people sitting. Just sitting, watching the world go by. They just sit and stare and laugh and don’t appear to have any worries in the world. They might be drinking a soda. Maybe eating a sandwich. Flipping absent-mindedly through a magazine. What are they doing?

Now I realize I can be a high-octane sort of guy. I mean, I married a woman who can’t sit still for a second, so I always feel like there is something I need to be doing. Gotta keep movin’, got groceries to get, got places I need to be, work that has to be done. It’s a constant whirlwind of activity and I’m usually right in the middle of it. So when I see people, and I’m talking whole groups of people…like 8 to 10 or so, sitting around doing a lot of nothing I have to ask…what is up?

It’s the middle of the day! If you have a nighttime job, shouldn’t you be sleeping? And if you don’t have a nighttime job, that means you aren’t working during the day either…so shouldn’t you be looking for a job? I don’t know about you, but people who hang out on stairs make me nervous. They are above us all. They don’t have things to do or work to get too. They just have time to sit…and drink…and eat…and flip…and look bored to death.

I’m sorry, but even if I HAD time to sit around all day and do nothing, I wouldn’t do it. There are too many things I could find to do. Places to go. People to see. Why sit on the stairs watching traffic go by? What is the fun in that?

Strange…these people on the stairs. They sit and watch me. They make me nervous…uneasy.


Okay. Done with that. Now…about this JACKASS who is driving too slow in front of me…

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5 Responses to What The Heck…People Who Sit On Stairs?

  1. Danielle-lee says:

    I don’t understand it either! If I had free time, I damn sure wouldn’t pick the stairs to hang out!

  2. mom says:

    WHEN and IF I have free time, I spend it on the porch swing reading a book. The place Christopher called “Grandma’s Perch”. You could tell right away he was from Kentucky!! But, I’m like you, son. Life is too short to waste even a minute, let alone a whole day!! (and at 67, it is getting shorter……..so I’m livin’ it up!!!)

  3. mandy says:

    Would it have made a difference to you if they were sitting…with a laptop? 🙂

    Uh…I’m gonna take that as another reference to my quantity of blogging? You are an evil woman. And for the record I can whip out a decent story in 5 minutes or less. So there!

  4. mom says:

    Mandy: The only people I’ve seen toting a laptop in downtown Z’ville are the ones trying to sell it out from under their t-shirt. No sales tax that way.

  5. kat says:

    LOL! It IS creepy how they are just sitting there…. they must be up to Something :p

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