The Road To Empty-Nesting Begins…

6:30am. Time to rise & shine! It’s the first day of 1st grade and we got prep work to do before the bell rings at 7:50. Mom throws on the coffee…I go get the paper…kids still asleep. After a banana and some yogurt, I go and get the big boy. Sleepyhead…

7:10am. 2 waffles and juice for breakfast. Very chatty this morning and very excited. He decorated a box to take to school with him with all of his favorite things…pirates, guitar hero stickers, baseballs, basketballs and Pokemon cards. Go figure…

7:45am (collectively, as a family, we can NEVER be early) we head out the door to drop Christopher off at his new school. I take some pictures and video and then he’s gone. Our baby boy is now off on his own, all grown up and getting bigger every day. Don’t know where the days go, but I’m sure I’ll be reflecting on today for the rest of his life. And now the countdown to empty-nesting begins…

Christopher’s Box

Gotta brush before school!

Ava was less than thrilled about the 1st day

Me and the big boy

And we’re off to school!

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4 Responses to The Road To Empty-Nesting Begins…

  1. fjl21 says:

    It’s exciting and sad as well. They all are getting very big very fast. I can’t get a grip with AJ walking and talking (limited vocabulary!) so I have no idea how you handle Christopher being in 1st grade. It looks like Ava totally takes after Steph! Great photos, see you later.

  2. heather says:

    We still have another week and a half of Guitar Hero and frozen pizza lunches. I hope he has a fabulous day and I hope you have a “first day of school” tradition of some kind. I always take my daughter out for ice cream after school on the first day, this will be the 11th time.

  3. mom says:

    Talk about de javu!!! My gosh, you and my Frankie Joe on the same page!! Thanks for the picture of you. I have one of you getting off the school bus and waving with a frown to stop taking your picture. I was using a “super 8” camera. No sound so I didn’t get to record your first swear word!! Frankie Joe’s picture is of him getting ON the bus, and, as always, Amber right next to him!! I think he would have taken Amber to school with him if he could have. Now you have me thinking about all you kids!!! GREAT memories. Love………mom

  4. Danielle-lee says:

    How cute is he???? Love that smile!
    Happy first day!

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