Don’t Spit…It’s Nasty!

So now Christopher has a bad habit. I don’t know if it’s a “habit” yet…but it could turn into one. Seems that he must have seen either another kid doing it or maybe his favorite baseball player, but lately he’s been spitting when he’s outside.

Now I know all about nasty habits. I bite my nails. Nasty little habit! But spitting is one of those habits that is kinda non-life threatening but I want to nip it in the bud while I have a chance. I would hate for him to be one of those 8 year olds who can’t hold a conversation without having to pause, turn and spit in mid-sentence. Not only would that be nasty…it would just be downright annoying!

So I’m trying to steer my son away from a nasty habit right now, before it gets to be too late. As for Ava? Well…she has some bad habits of her own. Here is a conversation we had today…

“Ava…you can play in the sprinkler AFTER you clean up your mess.”


“I said you can play in the sprinkler AFTER you clean up your mess here in the living room.”


“Ava! I said you can play in the sprinkler after you clean up!”


“Forget it…just GO OUTSIDE ALREADY!”

Dammit. Might have to work a little harder with HER habit…

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One Response to Don’t Spit…It’s Nasty!

  1. Danielle-lee says:

    Oh hell. My daughter does the same thing. Huh? What? And she just laughs when she hears the frustration in my voice.
    Evil 3 year olds.

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