Minnesota State Fair…You CAN Have It On A Stick

Minnesota. The state with 10,000 lakes…and a really big state fair. Lots to see (livestock) and plenty to do (eat, ride rides, watch livestock poop). Oh…and LOTS to eat! And it’s all on a stick. Well…not everything. But for the most part, if it can be put on a stick, then you can find it here. So they have dogs on a stick, chicken on a stick, pork on a stick, spaghetti on a stick, bacon covered in chocolate on a stick, fried candy bars on a stick…

You name it, they got it. And yes…I DID just say bacon covered in chocolate on a stick. It’s this year’s delicacy! But I didn’t try it. I got a gyro and a lemonade, had some cheese curds and called it a day. The following is a brief visit of all the things I did there (mostly eat, walk around and smell the lovely scent of animal musk). I went with my 2 friends, Liz & Carlton. They were the perfect hosts, walking around with no real purpose…just enjoying the scenery (great people watching!) and the nice misty rain that decided to fall around 2 hours into our trip. Thanks guys! I’ve now gained back 4 extra pounds (damn cheese curds)!

The Midway

See? Told Ya!

What should we do next???

The sweet smells of the Cow House

Where the sweet smells come from

Because WHO could live without a FRIED CANDY BAR???

That’s the way I roll…


Good times in Minneapolis!

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4 Responses to Minnesota State Fair…You CAN Have It On A Stick

  1. Alan! Man! How much can one write! I take a breaky-poo and you write 6,000 posts in the meantime. I cannot keep up. Duuuude!

    At the Texas State Fair, everything is fried… Even Coke!

    I would have thought that cheese curd on a stick would be good for one’s diet!

    I surmise your six-pack ain’t happenin’ tomorrow…

    Your kids look very cute! I sense an attitude coming from the little miss…

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    Oh sheesh. The state fair here in Dallas is awful too. Fried twinkies, pickles, coke, pound cake…..you name it, they got it. Ick. I will be going this year, but I am totally going to have to limit myself!

  3. kat says:

    Every time I go to the fair I get sick.. Gotta be the cotton candy.

  4. Liz says:

    Yeah….we made the site! I’m glad you enjoyed yourself. Lucky me…I get to go AGAIN this Thursday with my work group as the end of our “it’s been hella busy up in here” season. Oh joy. More fried food, on a stick!

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