What The Heck…Car Sales Commercials

Sitting in my hotel room, watching some t.v. (which I don’t do often) and a guy comes on and starts YELLING at me while he’s sitting on a horse and people are running around in the background! Not really paying attention, I almost spit out my coffee when at further glance, it is a local Philly car salesman hawking his wares.

Now I realize that car guys think they have to get my attention…but this was a little too much. Screaming into a mic and fonts flying all over the screen was just a little too much sensory overload. The thing is…they ALL do it! Is it in the local sales guy manual that in order to buy local television time you gotta scream and yell and look like an idiot to sell cars??? I’m not buying it…literally.

Here’s a word to the wise if you are a local sales rep for a local “mom & pop” car sales company…if you yell at me, I’m NOT buying what you are selling. And here’s why…if you are YELLING at me and sitting on a horse and you have midgets little people and balloons and whatever else you can come up with on the screen and you think that I’ll think it’s all funny and it will make me want to buy a car from someone who is apparently an idiot…you are wrong.

I have no interest in buying a car or anything else from someone who is crazy. So you lose AND you just paid big bucks to make an ASS out of yourself on t.v. while sitting on a horse and yelling at me. So stop it!

And now…back to our originally scheduled programming…

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2 Responses to What The Heck…Car Sales Commercials

  1. Danielle-lee says:

    i HATE those types of commercials. We have this furniture place here that has commercials where the guy yells at you, and I just mute it. NO thanks. Seems like that’s what all the car commercials do on daytime tv.

  2. kat says:

    Do they have some sort of magic power that ups the volume whenever their commercial comes on or what!? Cannot stand that!

    Its not a magic power…but there is something to it. Remind me to tell you about it…

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