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So many birthdays, so little time! As everyone in my family can attest, I am not one to remember a birthday date and I’m not one to expect anyone to remember mine. As a matter of fact, the older I get, the more I prefer that people forget about it. That being said, we are now moving into the time of year when there are a slew of dates where friends and family will be consuming the white cake and frosting, so I have to give a shout out to the following folks…

1. My sister Mandy. She’s younger than me by 6 years, so when SHE starts getting older, that means I am REALLY getting old! Either way, I love her and I wish her a great birthday yesterday (yes…it is true…I did forget. But I was at work in another city and didn’t look at my calendar and blah, blah, blah…)

2. Mandy’s daughter’s (my niece) birthday is Wednesday. Kasey is a superb guitar player and she kicks BUTT on Guitar Hero! She is getting too old too fast. I remember when she was born. I was actually the first family member to see her! One of the only times I think I’ve been the first for anything with my family! HA! Happy Birthday Kasey!

3. My brother and my nephew’s birthday is a week from Monday. I know, I know…it’s in a week! But I am guaranteed to forget because I can be a birthday idiot. I’m sure I will probably remember that night around 10:42pm and it will be too late to call Bear and wish him a Happy one…so I’m saying it now! As for Frank, I think I can call him at 3am and he will still be awake, watching some bad Al Pacino movie he’s downloaded off the internet. Happy Birthday guys!

4. My best friend and my mother-in-law share a birthday on September 15th. I generally don’t ever remember Newman’s day, however you would think considering my wife’s Mom’s birthday falls on the same date, that would be a clue. But for some reason it often escapes me. So to Newman I say…”Happy Birthday old dude!” And to my mother-in-law…well…you’re not getting older, you’re getting better! What you are getting better at I will leave to you and your daughter to discuss…

5. Emily. My friends’ daughter is 1 year old today. She’s the cutest thing ever and as happy as any kid I’ve ever seen. And her Mom is pretty cool also. Her Dad? Still up for debate. Happy Birthday Em!

6. Michael Jackson. Seriously…50??? Are you kidding me? Now I REALLY am feeling old. Oh well…time goes by and “Thriller” is still considered one of the great pop albums of all time. I doubt that will ever change…but it was funny watching the “Thriller” video today and feeling dated. And Michael? Well..he’ll NEVER get old. He’ll always have plastic surgery to make sure he never changes…

So Happy Birthday to everyone and hopefully this will cover my bases. Especially since I blame my sister Kathy who has taken on the life-long responsibility of reminding me of birthdays because she knows I always forget. Love you sis…but you’re slipping! LOL!

It’s hard to find good help these days…

Maybe if I wear this trash bag I can be young forever!!!

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3 Responses to A Birthday Blog

  1. kat says:

    My mind IS slipping. Is that what happens when I get as old as you? 🙂 Seriously though, I too am having a harder time remembering peoples birthdays, but I usually do remember my siblings.

    To Mandy who is always reading your blog: I called 4 times yesterday and never got an answer at your home. Maybe you’ll get the message faster this way. Happy Birthday and we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. mandy says:

    Uh, I am SEVEN years younger than you Alan. SEVEN!!!!!

    And you have to call my cell phone in the evening Kat. Once Rick hooks his work laptop up, it hogs the phone lines all night and everything just goes to call waiting.

  3. danielle-lee says:

    Wow, you know a lot of people with September birthdays!
    And I feel old realizing that MJ is 50. Wow.
    We may be aging, but we aren’t old, damn it! ;0)

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