What The Heck…Daytime Talk Shows?

I’m not an afternoon tv watcher. I can honestly say, if I have watched afternoon tv for more than 30 minutes in the last 6 years, it would be a shock to me. So the other day I had an hour to burn. I had breakfast, been to the gym and was waiting to go to work. So I flipped on the Tyra Banks show and a huge graphic comes up…”First Time At The Bunny Ranch!”

Okay…so I admit…I HAVE seen the HBO “Bunny Ranch” show. Essentially it is a show about a Nevada brothel. The “Bunny Ranch” is not what I would call network tv entertainment. Usually it’s on late at night and is definitely adult viewing on cable. So I was somewhat surprised to see the manager of the ranch on the Tyra show in the middle of the day. So…being the red-blooded adult male that I am…I watched. And I couldn’t believe it.

Look…I’m not naive or stupid. I have seen what The Jerry Springer Show has done to daytime viewing. It’s a three-ring circus and everyone is trying to make a buck. Springer has white trash fist fights, tramps smack talkin’, who’s baby is it? crapola that is clogging the attention spans of millions of viewers every day. Then you add in the “Judge” shows and a few more celebrity trash shows and you have a full schedule of mind-numbing stupidity that could drive you to wanting a full lobotomy. I know what is on during the daytime, and I want nothing to do with it. Now…here’s where I’m heading with this…

While I sat watching the Tyra show, I was listening to the content and watching the audience cutaways while all of the conversation was going on. The topic was first-time prostitutes. They had a 20-something mother of 5, another woman who just liked sex and was wanting to pay her mother’s medical bills and (and THIS was the kicker!) an 18-year old whose FATHER was HELPING her be a hooker!!! So I’m watching this and there are young girls in the audience? Maybe the girls present during this taping were with their parents or maybe they were “legally” of age…but I’m sorry…this topic was a little much for the girls that I saw in that studio. Not that girls from the age of 13 plus don’t already know more about sex than I ever did at that age. It’s a different time and, in some cases, the younger generation is better off knowing what they know. Knowing more is the best way to keep them out of trouble! But this topic isn’t something that needs to be on at 11am on national television. This was a topic that was of adult nature and really somewhat disturbing. I mean…the father of this girl was waxing her legs and then, when he drove her to the ranch, he basically booted her out of the car while she was crying.

Of course, while on the set, they all chatted like this was no big deal and the dad loved the daughter (although I got the feeling that he wasn’t her real father) and that it was something that SHE wanted to do and he was supporting her goals (?). So I’m watching this crap and I just can’t believe that the programmers of these shows are now stooping so low that they would show this to underage viewers at home AND in the audience. It’s really quite a disgrace. The whole business of daytime tabloids is just silly (I hear “The View” can be quite the cat house!). But this was taking it even lower.

Like I said, I’m not a fan of any of these shows, I was just a little surprised. “Redneck Rampage” on Springer is just dumb. Pedophile fathers who are managing their daughter’s career in prostitution is just scary. I don’t know…I’m torn about stuff like this. It really makes you wonder what some people are thinking. And the funny thing is, I had heard that the Tyra Banks show was one of the better shows on during the daytime hours (Ellen Degeneres being the favorite right now. Hey…at least she likes to dance!). But this changes my entire outlook on daytime tv. No more for me thanks. But it makes you wonder…who is the real prostitute in this situation? Is it the 18-year old who doesn’t really know any better and whose FATHER is HELPING her be a hooker? Or is it the producers of the show and programmers of the local tv stations who air this crap who are the REAL prostitutes? They are the ones making the decision to air this stuff. They’re just abusing a bad situation and making money off it!

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone just said…”No more!”? Wouldn’t it be great if someone just pulled it all off the air and aired documentarys and high-definition wildlife scenes? Maybe some cooking shows and an occasional show on how to fix a leaky faucet? Now that would be nice…

So let’s just take that remote and flip it off America! Let them know it’s all crap and we’re not gonna take it anymore! If they want to be prostitutes, let’s tell ’em we’re not buying what they’re selling! ‘Cause if I want that stuff, I can watch late night HBO or Cinemax. THEN I’m making a decision because HBO ain’t free! Local television is! Well…for now anyways…

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6 Responses to What The Heck…Daytime Talk Shows?

  1. kat says:

    I agree with you there. I’ve been a stay at home mom for almost a year now and I can honestly say I Never Ever watch tv during the day. It is all crap and I just don’t waste my time on it. Too busy having a real life.

  2. fayyaad says:

    Very interesting–Linked to this article in my blog 🙂

    Cool! Get the word out that we’re not gonna watch this crap!

  3. We are the ones who say “no more” by not watching. No viewers? And the shows go away. This post made me … bleh! What is wrong with people?

    Yeah…daytime tv is just stupid…and morally inept.

  4. bonnieluria says:

    Without viewers, no sponsers, without sponsers, no shows.
    We can pull the plug or hit the remote. And blast letters to the shows’ sponsers and network CEOs’.
    It may not change anything but since you love to write, have a lot of very valid points and are in the target age group, I’ll borrow a line from my generation and give it a tweak:
    Write On, Bro!!!
    Send some registered letters to offices of the President and let your feelings be known.
    ( yeah, good luck…)

    It’s so revolting- I try to convince myself that the stories are made up, people are getting paid, and the scariest thing of all, is if that’s NOT true, we’re heading down the toilet, with daytime TV scripts providing the wipes!

    Ooooh…I love that last line! Can I borrow that for other STUPID news stories? LOL

  5. bonnieluria says:

    Alan- please help yourself. I’ll make up some more.

    There’s no shortage of table pounding fodder out there!

  6. danielle-lee says:

    I am never home to watch daytime television anymore. But when I was, I couldn’t stand any of these damn shoes. It’s the scum of the earth, getting their 5 minutes of fame. And there will always be more scum that will be interested. Ick.
    I just don’t understand the producers, and Tyra! being okay with a ‘father’ helping his daughter become a damn prostitute. Whatever happened to saying to your kid, ‘you can be so much more than you think!!! dream BIG!’ sheesh.

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