Just A Man And His Meat

Now I admit, having been raised in a family that owned it’s own restaurant, that I am not the best cook. Sure, I can whip up some mean macaroni and cheese or a decent peanut butter & jelly sandwich from time to time, but for the most part, I was not blessed in the culinary arts. With that in mind, I have found that through the years I can rely on one primary food group to which I can run to whenever I need to prepare dinner for my brood. And that food group is “Hamburger Helper”.

Oh…you go ahead and laugh. But my kids think it’s the greatest dinner on the earth! (Ok…maybe not THE greatest dinner. That would be pizza. But it’s the greatest dinner on the earth that Daddy can fix and it’s edible!). So here is how it’s done…

Ya got your meat. And the box of stuff…

Yummy! Delicious, square meat. Ya can’t play with your meat…ya just gotta throw it in that skillet!

If ya drop some meat…the meat cleaner-upper is ready to take care of it!

Make sure the meat is nice and brown. Now add other ingredients!

Doesn’t it just LOOK delicious?!?!

Ava LOVES the Hamburger Helper!

Christopher Thinks It’s The Greatest Meal On Earth (Next to pizza)!

So now everyone can stop thinkin’ that I can’t cook…because it’s obvious by the look on these two healthy kids’ faces that Daddy knows how to whip up some good eats from time to time. And trust me…it’s taken me YEARS to get THIS meal down! Next up…meatloaf! Should be ready to go in …oh… about 12 years!

Additional note: No children were harmed in the making of this blog. All participants participated on their own accord and no food was regurgitated following this particular meal. However I CAN’t speak for any subsequent meals that might have not been as good as this one. An animal WAS injured in the making of this story however I was not there at the time so I do not consider myself responsible and I am hoping that no suffering was incurred. Any angst over the suffering of said animal should be taken up with PETA or some other animal support group. I am simply a man with 2 mouths to feed. And they feed often.

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9 Responses to Just A Man And His Meat

  1. Delicious… AND Nutritious !!!

  2. kat says:

    One of our staple meals. Cheap delicious and nutritious!!!

  3. RUTH ANN says:

    I just made that the other day! YUMMY!!!!

  4. mandy says:

    That looks really gross. Just one gal’s opinion, sorry.

    Shhhhhh…it kinda was…

  5. heather says:

    Oh, hamburger helper is great if you know the secrets of making it. You have to drain the grease off the ground beef, and after you’ve added the noodles and powdery stuff and it’s all cooked up, you add either sour cream, cream cheese or a bunch of shredded cheese, whichever you have on hand. But that’s me, I can’t leave even frozen tv dinners alone, I’ve got to add something to it. I used to eat a lot of hamburger helper without the meat before I learned how to cook for realz.

  6. danielle-lee says:

    I always thought it looked gross as hell, but some of them are pretty damn good! And it is sooo easy to make. Go DAD!!

  7. Frankleberry says:

    I’d eat it….but my taste buds were destroyed in Nam.

    Well…if they weren’t destroyed in Nam…then you could have enjoyed my meat and cheese concoction. Seeing as how they are no longer with us…you ain’t missing much!

  8. mom says:

    Alan: Next great meal: Spinach Omelet. Can be eaten at any time of day. Ask Christopher how to make it. Guaranteed success!!! Oh, don’t forget the jelly-toast.

  9. I use to be quite a professional Hamburger Helper cook, back in my early years of marriage……like 33 years ago!!

    They still make that stuff?? Who knew?

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