Top 10 Reasons Baseball Season Should End In August

And now playing for YOUR favorite team…THIS guy!?!?

The dog days of baseball. Most teams are out of the playoff race (or “The Hunt For October” as it is usually creatively described) and now the gloves and cleats are being put away for the winter. But Major League Baseball continues to torture most of us with another month of useless games and wasted hopes. Why? Here are my Top 10 reasons why baseball should pull the plug earlier…

10. Injuries – Once you get around to this time of the year, most teams are decimated with injuries. Players are dropping like flies and no one knows why. Wanna know why? Because they’ve been playing baseball almost every day since April…that’s why!

9. All The Numbers Give Me A Headache – 27.5 games out of first place. .199 batting avg. .332 OBP%. 6.23 ERA. Who cares? Are they winning or not!?! ‘Cause if not…then it don’t matter.

8. No Team Is Really All That Interesting To Watch – Looking at the divisions, 14 teams out of 30 are under .500. The team with the best record in baseball? Tampa Bay??? Fascinating…NOT.

7. The Cost Of Running A Stadium – Seriously, I have to imagine that teams with losing records are losing money this time of year with most of their attendance being the people who work at the stadiums! When the number of ushers outnumbers the number of fans there is something wrong.

6. The Cost Of A Ticket – Your team is 30 games out of first place in their division and you are STILL charging $40 a ticket??? Uh…no.

5. Pitching – By this time of the season, most arms are worn out. Most teams are recruiting from the minors to get them through the rest of the season. I’m not paying $40 to see some guy named “Juan” throw 3 innings and give up 8 runs. No thanks.

4. The Yankees and Red Sox – Yeah…I’m just sick & tired of hearing about them. Please let it end…

3. Weather – Rain delays, cold temperatures and snow?!?! Why? It’s a SUMMER game. When it’s October and the leaves are changing, it’s time for reason #2…

2. Football – The college football schedule began this past weekend. The NFL kicks off it’s first regular season game this coming weekend. Most markets have lost interest in baseball and are tuning up for America’s favorite past time!!!

1. Lack Of Interest – As an American male, I have an attention span for baseball of about 3 months. After that, if my team isn’t making a serious run, I’ve lost interest. So I pretty much lost interest around the All-Star break this year.

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3 Responses to Top 10 Reasons Baseball Season Should End In August

  1. danielle-lee says:

    You are sick of hearing about the Yankees??? How DARE you!??? They are my team!!!!
    By the way, what the hell?? I don’t read any blogs for a few days and you WRITE 15???? sheesh. my old hag eyes are tired now.

    Ugh. You live in TEXAS and you’re a Yanks fan?!?! That’s crazy. And I think we’ve already discussed my writing frequency. I write A LOT! So…stop taking “breaks” already!

  2. Frankleberry says:

    Come on Alan, each game counts towards their winning percentage…exactly .62%…that’s not a strong argument is it?

  3. Danielle-lee says:

    PS. I just so happen to be a YANKEE who lives in TEXAS! And I’m STILL ALIVE!
    Yes, you write a lot. Jeez, come write on my damn blog for me, so I don’t lose all 4 of my readers this semester!!!

    Oooooh…I would LOVE to write a blog for you! That would be a lot of fun! We should BOTH do that. You write one for me and I’ll write one (or two or three) for you!

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