An Interesting Occurrence

Just a quick little story to pass the time (and to add to the 4 OTHER stories I’ve written today. Can you say “mind dump”?). I dabble in video editing. It’s something I do for fun and don’t look to make money off of it. I usually make little videos for my family and of my kids and that sort of thing. I add effects and video and pictures and it’s all fun for Alan.

Well my latest endeavor was for a co-worker and friend who has a relative getting married. I’ve never met this relative and, as far as I can remember, have never seen her either. So last night I wrapped up the project, burned it off to DVD and took it to my friend to get the okay that it was all good and finished. She took a look at it, apparently cried because it was so good (that’s what she said! I swear!) and asked if I could make 5 copies for the bride and groom. Of course I can! So as I am burning off these DVD’s I realize I have no sleeves to put them in. So…gotta make a run to Wal-Greens for cheapie sleeves!

So I get there and Christopher and I are parusing the aisles when, right in front of me, chatting on her phone, is the bride-to-be. She’s even wearing a jacket that says “Mrs. _________” on it! Unbelievable! While I’m standing there, I overhear her talking about the limo for her wedding day. Now…I think this video is supposed to be a surprise, so I didn’t want to open my big mouth and ruin anything…but I HAD to say something…right? So I say, “Someone’s getting married!” and smiled. She turned and smiled back and walked slowly away from the creepy guy in aisle 5.

She might think I’m strange…but I think that it’s interesting how the universe works sometimes…

Aaaaand…that’s it.

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5 Responses to An Interesting Occurrence

  1. Danielle-lee says:

    Small world! Strange things happen for a reason!

  2. Midlife Slices says:

    Alan, do you need someone to talk to today, or what? 😉

    Anyone over the age of 6 would be fantastic…

  3. I love those small world moments.

    A new reader? Hmmmm…wonder where she came from?

  4. Amber says:

    Hey Bro, stuggling to catch up, although I should be reading about the Cold War, and had to say that as a recipient of several DVD’s, you rock and I cry everytime:)

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