Atari Ain’t What It Used To Be

Back in the early 80’s, I had a buddy who had an Atari game system. My family had a “Pong” game, and I was AWESOME at it (it was the first game I ever beat my Dad at!), but the Atari had different games and was really cool! So I would spend hours over at Sean’s house playing 1-on-1 basketball and Space Invaders and Pac-Man and all kinds of fun games!

Now let’s flash ahead to 2008. This past weekend, my lovely sister brought for me an Atari game system console called the “Atari Flashback 2”, all PRELOADED with about 30 or so games! Yahoo! How glorious was this?!?! I could play Atari ALL DAY and never have to change a cartridge or anything! Just sit downstairs in my underwear drinking juice boxes and eating Doritos and laughing and having my fun while the kids and my wife listened from upstairs, all concerned that maybe daddy has lost his mind a little bit. Oh what fun!

So I plugged it in, all set to hunker down and play some Centipede or Missile Command or Dig Dug or whatever else was on this thing and I flip it on and start playing with that controller gizmo that has one arm and a red button and I realized something…

It ain’t 1983. This stuff SUCKS! The graphics SUCK! The controller SUCKS! The silly console that it came in SUCKS! There is a reason why we have progressed to where we are in the gaming world and it’s because Atari basically SUCKS! Oh…don’t get me wrong…it was AWESOME back in the day! But now? It doesn’t even compare to a Wii or a Playstation. I tried to play one game and it was so slow I thought maybe it was broken! So I tried another…same result. So I started flipping through the games. It was cool seeing all the different titles that were on it, but I had no interest in wasting anymore of my time. I packed it back up and stuck it in the box. I then promptly hooked the Wii back in and played a round of golf and bowled a 215.

Ah…the good old days! I miss them…but I don’t miss them THAT much. Thanks for the memories Kathy! But some things you can NEVER go back too…and that includes an ugly pink, cutoff t-shirt and the ability to do the “caterpillar”.  LOL

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4 Responses to Atari Ain’t What It Used To Be

  1. kmcdade says:

    🙂 We had the Pong and the Atari 2600. I was the Frogger champion. I got one of those pre-loaded thingys for my husband a couple of years ago; he used to play Asteroids on it, but mostly it just sucked batteries, and I think he got tired of feeding it.

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    I loved playing Atari-Donkey Kong and PacMan. But yeah, you are right-the graphics are awful!!! But it was sooo greast back in the day. Guess some things need to stay in the past, huh? 🙂

  3. heather says:

    I am ok with the graphics. I didn’t like atari nearly as much as I liked original nintendo. I still have mine, as a matter of fact. I am getting ready to sell it. It had stopped working and I got the pin connector replaced and ever since, the games won’t stay “pushed down” and some of them still won’t work. There’s a place in the mall that buys and sells old nintendo, sega, etc. My brother calls it the video game museum. I prefer my DS and Wii, too, but I can still play PS games.

  4. kat says:

    Bring it home for Thanksgiving and we’ll have a Pong tournament. That’s why I got it, but you DID say you missed atari so….

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