Notes From the Doghouse: My Ying To Her Yang

As a married man (twice!) of over 10 years (2.5 with wife #1, coming up on 8 with wife #2), I have come to the conclusion that I have no idea what the hell is going on. I THINK I know what’s up…but it’s not really what’s up. Apparently what’s “up” is that I have no idea what the hell I’m doing and all I can do is get myself into more trouble.

Case in point…11 days ago. Now, I know I’ve said that I didn’t want to talk about what happened but it’s really not THAT bad (in MY head anyways) so I’m putting it out there. Here’s what happened…I acted like a 6-year old boy. Hard to believe I realize, but it’s true. I was in a bad mood and there were all these things we HAD to do and it was a holiday. I just wanted a day to decompress. But I didn’t get that. Instead I got the kids yelling and the dog annoying me and my wife asking “What’s the matter? What’s wrong with you? Are you irritated?” 500 times and so I blew a gasket. A really big gasket. I yelled so loud the neighbors probably heard. It was childish, I realize, but I felt better after it happened and almost 15 minutes later I was ready to get on with the day.

Cut to today. Granted, it’s not the only stupid thing I’ve done since then (I am a guy, after all), but it’s easily the worst…and I’m still paying for it!?! C’MON ALREADY!!! It’s been 11 freakin’ days!

Look…I realize that me and my wife aren’t exactly the most compatible people in the world. She likes to socialize, I like to hang at home or go to a movie. She hates sports, I WORK in sports. She likes to shop, I like to not shop. She likes to be late everywhere we go, I’m usually on time (providing I’m by myself minus kids). I’m the head to her ache. The tomato to her paste. I’m the ying to her yang. But ya know what? I still love her.

I realize we don’t have a lot in common, but she’s my partner and we work through things. Granted, not every day is a day in heaven. But I feel like we both contribute to our relationship in ways that benefit both of us. Seriously, if it weren’t for her, I would have no idea what medicines to give our children. I would have no idea what to do for their schooling. I would have no idea not to wash the whites in hot water. I wouldn’t know these things!

Without me she wouldn’t understand what the left guard does on a football team. She would have no understanding that if the computer isn’t working she should shut it down and reboot it. She wouldn’t know what a “pick and roll” is. I’m not sure, but I don’t think she would know what a clock is. I am the ying to her yang…and that makes it work.

So…as of 1:30pm today, I am STILL in the doghouse. I’m just trying to keep my tail between my legs and behave like a good dog should. I just hope this punishment wears thin soon because eventually a hungry dog will bite…and THAT will SUCK! All I need is a doggie snack or something to tide me over…

Like maybe an “I love you” might work…

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9 Responses to Notes From the Doghouse: My Ying To Her Yang

  1. kmcdade says:

    Awwww….maybe you just need a few minutes alone together? Any possibility of that happening?

    Every evening this week! Sadly, nothing…

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    Awwwwwww. Now, that was sweet! Send her a link to that.


  3. Ouch! I can feel your pain. Being married is tough. Sometimes I think it’s amazing anyone makes it for more than 2 years together. Aren’t I the optimist?

    Well…at least we made it THAT far! I think I can get her to come around eventually…might take a while though…

  4. heather says:

    My husband is very well behaved and this is mainly because when he snaps at me, all hell breaks loose. Last weekend we had somewhere to go and he was making us late AGAIN, and when I knocked on the door, very lightly, and said it’s time to go, very politely, he went off and said it “wasn’t critical”. Oh honey, now you KNOW I am going to MAKE it critical. It doesn’t matter what he does after that, until he apologizes I am no long a sweet loving wife, and I am very experienced in the ways of making his life miserable.
    I HATE being yelled at or even snapped at, especially by the two people in my life who I take care of and sacrifice for and then they take their bad day out on ME, so I respond like some maniac on crank. But all he has to do is say he’s sorry, and I’m good again. Most women aren’t that easy to satisfy, but most of them also aren’t as quick to jump off the deep end either. Good luck getting out of the dog house.

    Yeah…the doghouse sucks!

  5. kcalland says:

    You’d think that after all those years you would have learned that it takes FOR-FREAKIN-EVER for a women to let things go!

    Like the Barenaked Ladies said: “It’ll still be two days ’til I say I’m sorry.” Even the Canadian rockers get it.


    Breakin’ out the lyrics on me, eh? And yes…most women seem to hang on to things longer than men. Oh well…she’ll get over it…eventually!

  6. mandy says:

    In my family, Rick is the one who carries grudges. I can never stay mad at him very long, even though I’m sure that sometimes I should. Life is just too short to spend it angry at the one you love. Even if I was mad as hell at him the night before, I can’t let him drive off to work the next morning without telling him I love him and giving him a hug (or at least attempting to). And on the rare days we actually get to hang out together, I refuse to waste time pouting. I just want to make up, move on, and enjoy being with him.

    And 2.5 + 8 = 10.5, not 13. Geez, no wonder you can’t figure out how old I am, you are seriously math impaired!

    You know…you are right on the math thing. Here’s where I made my mistake…I dated Steph for 4 years before we got married. So I guess I must have been factoring that in. It would still equal 14.5…so I dunno WHAT I was thinkin’! LOL

  7. amyz5 says:

    some storms take longer to blow over than others.

    so, listen Ike, Gustav, Hanna, whoever, evacuate the ego and go tell her what you just told us. ; )

    seriously, if my husband wrote that I think I would see the humor in the hanging on to it thing.

    Maybe I should have married you instead…

    Was that an option?

  8. Midlife Slices says:

    Just keep kissing A and she’ll come around. Tell her you’ve learned your lesson. Grovel, beg, and plead. Or do something that makes her laugh. Someone once told me to to only fight naked because who can stay mad if your sitting there totally in the buff and trying to be serious?
    Good luck.

    Yeah. I don’t know who told you that fighting in the buff was a good idea…but all it does is give MY wife something to aim at! Had to have been a former boyfriend…right? LOL

  9. Mack-10 says:

    Thats why Im not nor never will be married, Live in GF maximum!

    To love life you must be free!!

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