So Much For Price Gouging

You can’t milk a polar bear…can ya?

On Sunday, Hurricane Ike paid a visit to our little community here in Cincinnati. Buildings crumbled (well…a rooftop anyway), trees fell and much of my neighbors stuff was blown into my yard. There were injuries, a few deaths (4) and much of the Tri-State (Ohio, Kentucky & Indiana) was or still is without electricity. It was quite a mess and everyone is still recovering from it.

My family was lucky. We spent Sunday night without power and had limited damage to our home. Power was restored on Monday afternoon but we were later disconnected on Tuesday afternoon for the evening. Full power resumed around 4am this morning and has stayed on this time. So we’ve lost very little in all the mess. However we did lose a fridge full of groceries…so I had to head to the grocery to get us some milk and creamer for the morning coffee. The grocery that I usually go to was still without power on Tuesday morning, so I went to a different local grocery. Lo & behold…milk, which normally costs $3.20 is now $4.39! Well there’s a shock! Needless to say I was a little miffed by the gouging that I thought was taking place.

Come to find out, that’s NOTHING compared to our friends in Alaska, where they pay $11 for a gallon of milk. $11?!?!?! Are you kidding me??? Wow…makes me feel a LOT better about my trip to the store yesterday. Of course, they can’t milk polar bears or penguins. I, on the other hand, have cows wandering around in my backyard. But I digress…

$11 is a little much for a gallon of milk, doncha think? I mean, I’m no nutritionist, but it IS one of the main food groups. Kids need it, adults need it. To slap such a high price tag on it is a real crime. There should be a law against price gouging like that…especially in Alaska. Hell…they don’t even need to worry about THEIR fridges breaking down! If the power goes out there, they just put all their groceries on the back porch! It’s just not fair…

And neither is the $4.39 I spent at the local Remke’s in northern Kentucky. I doubt I’ll be shopping there again anytime soon…

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5 Responses to So Much For Price Gouging

  1. Frankleberry says:

    On our trip to Lowes in Zanesville Monday, Dad and I failed to find a generator available. So we settled on looking for some lanterns to light the house. Lowes was sold out of their large lanterns (priced at 19.99 ) but had several SMALL lanterns of the same brand for $32.99!! New price tags ( I work in retail so I can tell when a price adjustment occurs) showed that our local Lowes isn’t above fleecing the local populace in times of need. We shook our heads in disbelief and the went to Odd Lots where they still had the large Coleman lanterns for $10. Go Odd Lots!!!

  2. mandy says:

    I went to the grocery store Monday and it seemed to me that the prices on EVERYTHING had gone up from what they were last week. I ended up not buying half the stuff on my list because it was outrageous. Luckily, milk was on sale though. It is typically around $3.89 at most stores here in Z-ville.

    Yeah…price gouging just sucks.

  3. heather says:

    Luckily, we found a Biggs that hadn’t lost power and not only were they fully stocked on everything, but they hadn’t raised any prices that I could tell. I would never buy milk for $11. I don’t drink it. We use it for cereal sometimes and some small amount in cooking. If it were $11 I’d switch to soy or powdered or give it up altogether.
    Even gas was didn’t go up. It’s been a uniform $3.99 at stations here, on my mother’s side of Cincy and on the east side of the county where my husband works. That was a relief.
    We also found a McDonalds on the first day that still had power and even though the wait was long, they didn’t run out of food, and the food was hot, and they even said they were getting an extra truck to make sure they didn’t run out of anything. I love McD’s anyway, but their dedication to staying open and being able to serve everyone when they knew no one else was able to just made me that much more grateful.

  4. There are anti-gouging laws in effect during civil emergencies but perhaps not in your state. Probably the time you’d take researching the issue then bitching about the store would be worth way too many gallons of milk.
    I suggest trying the cow in the backyard.

    Okay…seriously…no cows really…just squirrels. And squirrels are really hard to milk! You don’t think so? Have you ever tried it?!?!? Not easy…

  5. Danielle-lee says:

    Everything seems to be more expensive lately. Each time I go to the grocery store, I’m shocked.
    Cows in your backyard??? Wait a minute…….here I am talking about the cows I USED TO have, and you HAVE COWS RIGHT NOW??? 😉

    Well…not really. But I live in Kentucky, so there ARE cows on the farms here. The only animals I have in MY backyard are squirrels, my dog and an occassional lost deer.

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