What The Heck…Public Access Television?

The stare-down contest filled 2 hours worth of programming on Public Access 16!

Okay…I know I work in the television industry, but it totally CRACKS ME UP watching public access television. Have you bothered to check it out lately? Odds are very good that every town has it’s own channel and it is littered with town hall meetings, religious zealots, middle-of-the-road local musicians and all kinds of cheesy t.v. goodness! Where else can you turn on and watch a local high school football game with the scoreboard camera wiped in at the bottom of the screen or a guy with a parrot hat playing a synthesizer proclaiming his love for Jesus?

Just flipping by throughout my day, I’ve seen so much bad camera work and horrendous lighting and staging that it surprises me that these stations actually have a staff of people who produce this stuff! People actually get paid (very little, I imagine) to shoot, edit and get this stuff onto your hi-def t.v. set! I’m thinking you give me 2 camcorders, a tri-pod and a 3-point lighting kit and I could come up with something more interesting than some of this stuff. But I have to remember…this stuff is for YOUR local community! It’s not for paid professionals to sit around and critique. Unless, of course, I decide I want to critique…and then I just can’t help myself! This stuff is hysterical!

So if you have a few moments and want to watch what is basically “throwback” television (2 cameras and a light), check out and support your local public acces television station. Trust me…they could use the support…and whatever home movies you might have laying around…

Cue: “The Girl From Ipanema”

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1 Response to What The Heck…Public Access Television?

  1. heather says:

    I actually was watching our local public access the other day. I was just flipping along, and some local high school choir was singing and dancing. It was such a train wreck I couldn’t help myself. I stopped and watched the entire thing, totally ticking off my husband by doing so. Hehe.

    I’m sure you are seeing the same thing I am (seeing as how we live here in the Cinci area). It’s so funny!

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