Tunes From ITunes_10.7.08

A lot to choose from this week…again. So I’ll start with what I DIDN’T buy to be different…


The new Britney Spears single, “Womanizer” – because it sucks.

Anything off The Pretenders new album called “Break Up The Concrete” – because they are starting to sound like Sheryl Crow…

Anything off the new Glasvegas’ album debut “Glasvegas” – because it sounds like a Jesus & Mary Chain knockoff.

Anything off the new “Rise Against” album – ’cause it’s all sounding the same.

What I DID buy…

The Album of the Week, Brian Eno & David Byrne collaboration “Everything That Happens Happens Today”. 2 of my favorite artists on the same album?!? Of course I bought it! And with the trailor for “W” and the new Bill Maher movie, “Religulous“, using Talking Heads songs, I’m missing the Talking Heads something fierce! 11 songs of alternative excellence!

Snow Patrol – “Take Back The City”
Nice pop rock. Catchy and sounds a bit like Collective Soul to me (which is NOT a bad thing!). Something a little different from these guys!

Oasis – “The Nature Of Reality”
Here I was, all ready to download the whole album, but it just sounded kinda…eh. Sounded like everything else they’ve ever done! But this has a bluesy riff and is kinda catchy.

Black Gold – “Detroit”
A freebie this week! I like this band and this song is a cool pop tune. For free, ya can’t beat it!

Frightened Rabbit – “The Twist”
With one of my favorite songs this year (Head Rolls Off), this song was featured on last week’s episode of “Chuck”…so I went and downloaded it. I like it…so go check it out!

And that’s it…I’m outta funds! Happy shopping! 🙂

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1 Response to Tunes From ITunes_10.7.08

  1. I love that you do this. I know I’ve told you that before, but I do. I bought the Fall Out Boy song. I love them. I know, I’m such a chick, right?

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