The Haunted House

This isn’t our house. But it feels like it!

It creaks. It moans. It is cracking and moving all over the place! Our 68-year old house has issues. Sure, we are tackling them one by one. Right now, it’s the bathroom. Soon to be followed by the kitchen. But this old house, like many old houses, is on the move…and we can’t seem to stop it!

Our home sits up on a hill. As the ground settles and becomes dry and then moist and then dry again, the house shifts. And then it begins to crack. Well…at least the foundation and the walls and the doorframes do. And we are left trying to repair. So far, we’ve been failing miserably! Our newly painted living room? Cracked. Our front door frame? Cracked. Our garage door supports? Cracked. My brain? Cracked.

Everything has cracks. And the floor is creaking like crazy! I can’t imagine what kind of effect the house movement must have on wooden floors! Everyone says that it’s just an old home. old homes do this sort of thing. Well…it kinda sucks! We can’t keep ANYTHING looking new because of it! And the paint is chipping off our walls! I hate it! So what am I gonna do? I’m gonna water the house…THAT’S what I’m gonna do! They say if you water around the foundation of the home, this sort of issue should become less noticeable. I certainly hope so! Otherwise, I’m worried that the damn house might just cave in on itself one morning while I’m reading my paper and having a cup of coffee! And THAT would be a sight to see! Me in my jammies, sitting there as the house falls in! LOL

On the other hand…that might NOT be so funny…

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2 Responses to The Haunted House

  1. Are you wearing jammies? That’s sooo cute!

    Yeah…with the flap in the back…why?

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    Jammies? Really?

    Yes, water the house. Invest in soaker hoses, and put them around the entire house. It does work. It might be a temporary fix, but at least it’s a fix.

    Nah…no jammies. That was just a joke. And I have already asked for a spigot on the side of the house just to water my house. Sounds weird, but a lot of people have told me that it works!

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