Fountain Square & Cincinnati Rocks the Vote

Nothing like a little party to make ya wanna vote early…right? With Ohio adopting a rule that allows early voting, Obama’s campaign was in full swing to get ahead of the November 4th election day as much as possible. With a entourage of team leaders, t-shirts and buttons for sale (only $25 and $1 each!), a couple of alternative rock bands from the Cincinnati area, an impressive video of Hollywood actors asking us “NOT” to vote (oh wait…they were being facetious?) and one Hollywood starlet in tow, Obama put on his game face and made like a rock star. And it was cool…but I gotta wonder…does Obama really know who “The Breeders” or “The Natural” are? Probably not. Either way, I got to see a band that produced my favorite album of 2007 (The National’s “Boxer”) and Princess Amadala! Yahoo! Here are some pictures from the event!


Princess Amadala (aka Natalie Portman) spoke to the masses

The National rocked! (In an unassuming way…)

With a strong breeze, the Fountain got everyone wet! LOL

And that’s it? No picture of me with Natalie or jammin’ with the bands? Nah. But I DID stand near Natalie’s grandmother, and she kinda pointed at me (even though she was pointing at her grandmother who was right behind me). So THAT was kinda cool. And the band played quite a few of my favorite songs (“Fake Empire“, “Slow Show”), even if they aren’t the most exciting band to watch (lead singer Matt Berninger kinda slaps his thigh a lot and the rest of the guys stand around and mumble into the mic). After the show, Newman and I hit the Rockbottom Brewery for some pumpkin ale and nachos. Hey man…it’s what we do in the ‘Nati!

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3 Responses to Fountain Square & Cincinnati Rocks the Vote

  1. phhhst says:

    Thanks for the pics. That was fun.

    Did you go?

  2. I like the light in the last photograph.

    In regard to Princess Amidala, she is the one who is responsible for me never wanting to watch another Star Wars movie ever. That scene where she falls off the helicopter, and wriggles and wiggles in pain in the desert, then her little friend asks her if she’s ok, and off they go running in the sand as if nothing had happened. Ridiculous. Had a good laugh. Got shushed by the audience.

    Mind you, I loved her in The Professional. I’ve seen the movie a gazillion times. She was fantastic in Closer as well.

    Shhhh…don’t tell anyone, but I thought the last 3 Star Wars movies kinda sucked…but I agree with “The Professional”. Great flick!

  3. Danielle-lee says:

    But what I want to know is this: Did all of this encourage/convince you to vote early? 🙂

    Not really…but I have to anyways because I am gonna be out of town on election day!

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