Princess Ava

Oh…what a wonderful (marketing) job Disney has done with the Princess line. Every little girl, from the age of 2 through…well…at least 4 wants to be a Princess. Ava’s favorite? Cinderella. And she has the blue dress and the doll and the rings and the necklaces and the shoes and the princess computer and the magic wand and the tiara and the makeup and the drinking cup and the plate and the place mat and the jewelry box and the backpack and the…well, you get the idea. It’s an endless barage of Princess paraphernalia! And Ava’s love for it is endless!

When we took the kids to Walt Disney World 2 springs ago, the high point was lunch at Cinderella’s castle, where Ava (and Christopher…who was smitten, even if his face said “Ugh…a Princess?”) got to meet Cinderella and eat with her fairy Godmother and her mice and a cast of other characters. This Halloween, Ava is going to be Cinderella for a couple of hours. She’s all ready to go and she has her outfit (all bought at the Disney store…of course) ready to go! Honestly, this year won’t be so much different from last year when Ava was “Wendy” from Peter Pan. She wore a blue dress and makeup and jewelry. But Wendy was NOT a Princess…so this year WILL be different, Daddy!

Okay! Okay! I give up! If she wants to be a Princess, she can BE a Princess. Just as long as she knows that she will ALWAYS be my princess, no matter if she is wearing a store-bought blue poofy dress or a pair of dirty jeans and t-shirt that says “My mom is hotter than your mom”.

Halloween Last Year: Wendy

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3 Responses to Princess Ava

  1. heather says:

    LOL We’ve been to the Cinderella Gala Feast at the Grand FLoridian (same cast of characters) and are going again this year. I had my picture taken with Prince Charming. Very embarrasing. My daughter still loves Cinderella too, and she’s got the costume too. She was going to wear it this weekend to Disney on Ice, but apparently her dad was in a pissy mood and wouldn’t go.

    I haven’t taken Ava to a Disney On Ice show yet either. But I want too! I love all things Disney!

  2. mom says:

    Re: your comment to Heather. Glad I took you to Disney World for 17 years in a row!!! Remember your first Mickey Mouse ears? Love……….

  3. Danielle-lee says:

    My daughter loves Ariel. Lucky for me, I haven’t had to buy her Ariel everything…yet. She is going to be a fairy princess for halloween, and she tells me that it is ‘close to being Tinkerbell’. Figure that one out!

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