Halloween 2008

Halloween is ALWAYS a busy day, but this year it seemed a little more busy than usual. Here was my day…

8am – Dentist Appointment
Nothing like having a drill and ice pick in your mouth to start the day!

(Don’t worry…this is NOT me. But it could have been!)

12:30 – Christopher’s School Halloween Party
Good times! They had snacks, bowling, putt-putt, storytime and fun things to do!

Gotta get the costume on first!!

2:30 – Out To Vote!
Yes…I’m an early voter. Guess who I voted for!?! You have a 50/50 shot…

Christopher’s class voted. The best man won…

6:00 – Trick Or Treating
And the fun REALLY begins! This year, we had Yoda, Princess Amadala, Sarah Palin and …well…I didn’t really have a costume, so we said I was a guy making less than $250,000 a year. Here are some highlights!

Yoda & Princess Amadala

Sarah Palin wants YOUR vote!

Battle you, I will!

Ava enjoys her candy! (And Dad makes an appearance!)

The Force was with him

Do Not Adjust Your Glasses (Fuzzy Family Photo)

We TOTALLY made out this year!

Hope You Had A Great Halloween!

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2 Responses to Halloween 2008

  1. Your wife was very convincing as Sarah Palin… You just need 3 more children to make it more credible.
    You should have been Joe the Plumber!

    I voted early yesterday. The line began on the sidewalk. I waited probably an hour, if not more! Tuesday will be CRAZY!!!

    3 MORE?!?!? Uh…no. And Steph thought about me being Joe…about 10 minutes before we left to go Trick or Treating…so that didn’t happen. And my line was maybe 8 people deep…so I consider myself lucky! Tuesday IS gonna be crazy!

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    I agree-you should have been joe the plumber! She makes a great palin!!

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