You Be The Judge…


Seriously…you have GOT to be kidding me. Cheryl Burke has reportedly added a few pounds this season on “Dancing With The Stars” and a couple of male stars have made comments about it. Uh…hello? Anyone who calls this woman fat (or ugly or anything besides really freakin’ hot!) are out of their ever-lovin’ minds!!!

Note to Cheryl: Not only do I think you’re hot and sexy, but so does my wife! You go girl!

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12 Responses to You Be The Judge…

  1. In all fairness, a few pounds make a whole lot of difference when you have to lift someone across a dance floor. Female dancers absolutely have to remain skinny. Average citizen type skinny rules do not apply in the dance world.

    I still have the memory of the owner of a reputed dance company who was still dancing in his thirties (and clearly should not have been.) He was not dancer skinny, and you could feel the pain of the dancers that had to carry him around… It was awful.

    Are you a former dancer as well? You are definitely multi-talented! Did you wear a tutu? I think you should post THAT picture! That would be soooo cool…LOL

  2. No tutus! Not that kind of school. Rigorous leotards and tights and a bun… for quite a few years. Then I picked horses over dance.
    In my thirties, I became an Argentine Tango dancer, but my partner dropped me on my head during a show! I must have eaten too many cookies that day!
    I’ll post a picture after you post your break-dance video.

    That explains a lot actually…the dropping on your head part. And I was hoping you would forget about the breakdancing…dammit!

  3. This is war.

    Nah…I love ya too much! 🙂

    P.S. But if you’re up for the sparring…I’m game! LOL

  4. russ4life says:

    A few pounds? Did she get an operation to have redundant organs like a Klingon? She looks like she needs a few more pounds if you ask me.

  5. heather says:

    Maybe she is carrying the weight in her purse, because it’s not in that dress anywhere.

  6. Red says:

    i think she needs a couple cheeseburgers.

  7. Oh lord ! Fatty fatty fats so fat ! What a CHUNK !

    And what’s with the facial hair ? I… Um… Uh…

    Never mind. It’s just a glimpse of my own large
    reflection in my computer. I’m going to go cry
    myself to sleep now, snuggled up with my bag
    of Doritos. I see the picture of Cheryl now…
    Very nice.

  8. kcalland says:

    Those “male stars” are a bunch of a-holes.

  9. Danielle-lee says:

    Okay, she looks AWESOME, first of all, and who the hell cares if she DID gain a few pounds, although i do understand that the male dancers might bitch. but maybe they need to lift some more weights?

  10. Danielle-lee says:

    And PS. I do remember the breakdancing video too. I totally think you should be posting that!!

    Why is it that women remember this stuff? dammit…

  11. Danielle-lee says:


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