And Now We Move On

The new President of the United States. Welcome!

Now…everybody else…get on with your lives! (And that includes you Mom!)


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6 Responses to And Now We Move On

  1. mom says:

    He’s only ELECTED, baby. We have a job to do and that is to make sure he begins his projects within the next two years, so that at the end of his first term, he can show us what WE HAVE ACCOMPLISHED. He is just the President, WE ARE THE PEOPLE. You must always make sure that YOUR VOICE IS HEARD. It is up to your generation to rebuild what my generation has destroyed. Good luck and God Bless America!!! mom

    I can’t argue with that!

  2. Amber says:


  3. thistle says:

    Well said Alan’s mom!

  4. RUTH ANN says:

    what will ever talk about now driving around with mom, lol jk!!!

  5. Frank says:

    How about CNN’s Hologram projecter-thingy, now that was cool.

    You know…I didn’t see it! I did see the virtual set on ABC though. And that was kinda cool…

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