And The Guy Had A Duck On His Head

Ahhh…the joys of chatting with my precocious 4-year old. An actual phone conversation on Monday as I was in a cab heading to a Cleveland hotel…

“Hi Daddy! I got my picture taken today at school!”

“You did? That’s cool, Ava! How was it?”

“Good. The guy had a duck on his head.”

“A duck?”

“Yeah. And he made it honk and I laughed. It was silly. And we went to the dollar store and Christopher and I got toys. We are goin’ to have shushi. Do you like shushi, Daddy?”

“Well…it’s not my favorite…”

“Oh look! I see the moon! (Pause) Lori curled my hair for our pictures today. I looked pretty!”

“You did? Well, I can’t wait to see your pictures honey.”

“Yeah. The guy had a duck on his head. Bye Daddy!”

“Bye honey! Love you!”

…even if you are a little off your rocker…LOL

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3 Responses to And The Guy Had A Duck On His Head

  1. Tammy says:

    Well c’mon… I mean… THE GUY HAD A DUCK ON HIS HEAD! Wouldn’t that get you a little rattled?

    It would me!


    Actually it probably would have creeped me out. But I’m not 4. LOL

  2. Ha Ha ! This just made my day ! CUTE !!!

    Thanks man! But I can’t take credit. It’s all Ava. 🙂

  3. Danielle-lee says:

    LOL! I love when pre-schoolers talk! It’s great!

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