Still Smokin’ Hot

I keep seeing these Direct TV ads with Christie Brinkley in the pool scene from the 1983 movie “Vacation”. First off, I love those ads. I think it’s kinda cool how they make them. Secondly, I don’t care how much cosmetic surgery she’s had, Christie Brinkley is STILL hot! What was Billy Joel thinking???

Agree? Or not so much…

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6 Responses to Still Smokin’ Hot

  1. Mr. F says:

    All the comments I was going to leave would have made me look like a terrible person. She’s pretty.

    I can’t end it like that, I sound like a stalker…..she is a handsome woman Alan.

    Handsome?! Christie Brinkley isn’t a female prison guard (cool thought…I am wandering), so handsome won’t cut it.

    What were we talking about?

  2. Mr. F says:

    Oh!! I got it!! She’s a MILF! Wait does she have kids? Is she a cougar? Can cougars have kids?! If that cougar up there popped out a little one I’d be the first in line to….I think she does have some kids. Hmmm, was the original question aimed at her hotness, or at Billy’s lack of good judgement? Nice topic Alan, really a thinkers topic. Let the debating begin!! she’s on my team…….

  3. Tammy says:

    She is a freak of nature. All women are insanely jealous of her. They’re lying if they say they’re not.

    I know I would be jealous of her if I were a woman. She’s HOT!

  4. mandy says:

    I am amazed every time I see that ad. She doesn’t look like she has aged a day since the scene was originally shot.

  5. Danielle-lee says:

    To answer Mr. F’s comments, yeah, I’m pretty sure she is a cougar AND a MILF (well, not a milf TO ME, but you know).

    I think she’s pretty, but not MILF status for me.

    Mr. F is my brother Frank. And he has no taste in women…except for his wife…who is the most awesomest woman in the world!

  6. Danielle-lee says:

    I knew Mr. F was your brother. LOL-you don’t think he has any taste in women?

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