How Does This Happen?!?!

Ah…the good old days…when I was thinner and she was unpregnant…

I am the oldest of 6. And we have several kids between us. I have 2 kids. One of my siblings has 3 kids, another 2, another 1, another inherited 2. That leaves one sister. The youngest one. The baby sister of all of us without child. And a little over a month ago, she called to inform me that, by some form of immaculate conception, that she is…*gulp*…pregnant?!?!

Alas…it is true. Through no fault of her husband Chris (I’m sure he had nothing to do with this), my littlest, tiniest baby sister has gone and gotten knocked up. Nevermind that she has been married over 3 years now. Nevermind that she has been a great mother to 2 tiny fluffball dogs (sorry…don’t remember their model number), a bevy of fish and will probably make a fantastic mother. Nevermind that she is 29 and ready to start her own tribe. The IMPORTANT thing to remember here is that she is my BABY sister! Not all that other stuff!

I remember her crawling and splashing in the tub and latching onto me every chance she got. My baby sister loved me from day one and has never stopped. If I ever needed a smile, Amber was the one to give it. And she always did it selflessly. Now her smiles will be for her own child of immaculate conception…and I am sooooo proud of her! She has worked hard and is a successful manager. She has been to places around the world. She is a student of history and is well versed in European history and architecture. She loves animals and people and I don’t think I’ve ever seen her ever be rude or obnoxious or petty. She is an awesome sister. Have I mentioned she’s my BABY sister yet? Yeah…I should mention that also. Oh yeah…and she’s pregnant.

Sooooo…dunno how stuff like that happens, but I guess I’m gonna have to get over it. And before long I will have another nephew/niece to visit. Exciting stuff in my family! Now…I have to talk to her husband Chris about how this sort of thing happens….to my BABY sister!?!?!

Congratulations sis! Love you!   

-Your BIG Brother

See!?!? She’ll make a GREAT mom!

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8 Responses to How Does This Happen?!?!

  1. What a sweet big brother you are. I remember when my big brother got married. I was so excited for him. Then all of a sudden at the wedding, I realized that I was no longer the most special girl to him any longer. It’s the way it’s supposed to be, I guess.

    PS. Your comment at Midlife Slices made me spit coffee today. LOL

  2. Amber says:

    I will always have smiles for you, I will always be obsessively attatched you you, our family is getting larger, but I will always love you just the same! I will never stop. You’re my big bro, and you mean things that no one else can. Now, I need to stop crying, so I’ll just say…they’re Pomeranians! Tasslehoff Burrfoot and Buffy Ann Burrfoot to be precise. And they are very excited about the new addition to our family as well. Love you forever!

  3. Amber says:

    P.S. You forgot my turtle.

    Oh yeah…forgot the turtle…(damn)

  4. thistle says:

    after the introductions, i cannot wait to hear how creative this baby’s name is going to be…which btw are the most interesting types of names 🙂

    congratulations to all!

  5. Mr. F says:

    Oh, God…a petition has to be created in order to strip her of all rights naming the child to be. Amber has run some ideas by me and, well…..let’s just say this kid will have a permanent nickname from day 1. What was that name again Amber….Jimineythomasmatt…some triple hybrid name. Whatever the kid gets labeled with, I’m calling it “Bub”.

    The Godfather has spoken……please move on.

  6. Amber says:

    Zak, Frank, the name was Zak! Possibley. And Kallista if it’s a girl. We are not sure yet though.

  7. Alan, I got confused here for a second… It seemed as if your sister had strayed outside of the marriage to get pregnant (her husband not having anything to do with it… getting knocked up despite three years of marriage…)

    I thought to myself that surely you would not blog about such an incident… until I realized that you were forgiving her for the not so immaculate conception act thingie. That was a relief!

  8. Danielle-lee says:

    Pomeranians! I used to have one when I was a kid! What is it with Poms having such huge names?? Mine was Queen Victoria of Lightland. LOL
    Congrats Amber! 🙂

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