Yeah…I’m Such A Guy…

How about TWO for the price of ONE???

I know former NY mayor Eliot Spitzer was a married man. And what he did was just plain stupid. But I gotta say what every guy in the country is thinking…this woman is pretty…freakin’…hot! I know, I know…I don’t condone what he did. She’s 23, for crying out loud! I would never stoop so low. He is an idiot. However, if the guy is gonna be THAT dumb, at least it wasn’t with Monica Lewinsky!!! And now Ashley Dupree (the girls name, if you haven’t read) is coming out and chatting with Diane Sawyer and apologizing for what she did??? She was a CALL GIRL. It’s what CALL GIRLS do! They get a call from a rich guy and they go out on a date and go for long walks in the park and talk about their hopes and their dreams and the economic downturn of our society and then they go see a Broadway show.  


So Spitzer is a sick, depraved man with a penchant for good-looking, younger women. And apparently he could afford it. And Ashley Dupree is pretty damn good-lookin’. I’m not saying what he did was smart…or remotely okay…or anything like that. I’m just saying…well…she’s pretty damn good-lookin’. That’s all I’m saying.

I know…I know…but it’s what all guys are thinking!!! Right guys? Guys?

Uh…Honey? Hello?


Back to the doghouse…

If you wanna read more, go HERE

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16 Responses to Yeah…I’m Such A Guy…

  1. You really ARE a typical man. My only consolation will be that your next post is about how your wife kicked your butt for this post. LOL

    Luckily my wife rarely reads my posts…thankfully…

  2. Alan – she’s a skanky ho. And she looks like a ho. How is that sexy?

    Brunette, brown eyes. Yeah…she IS a ho. But she’s still sexy…

    I hate myself… LOL

  3. heather says:

    I totally don’t think she’s sexy. Your eyes are being tricked by the slim figure, pretty hair, and sexy clothing. She looks colorless, as in Lindsay Lohan monochromatic. That look is classic Myspace sexy. She thinks that lip curl makes her hot, but it’s SO fake and ugly. You aren’t analyzing the pic. Anybody with a fake tan and a haribrush can look semi decent, but that picture says a thousand words. She’s flashing gang signs and that ring is hideous. I bet she has cellulite too, you just can’t see it in this pic.

    Wow. You REEEEALLY don’t like this chick. Wonder what you think about Pam Anderson?

  4. thistle says:

    …you know…are you sure she’s really a girl?…cos those kind of look like ‘man hands’…The Lady Chablis is more feminine looking than that and her name is really Frank (which is kind of funny on so many levels)

    just sayin’…

    maybe that’s why 24 thinks she (or…um..he?) is attractive…

    24 doesn’t think she’s attractive. That was MY response to her comment and I forgot to highlight it. Hmmmm…I think I struck a nerve with this particular blog…

  5. The problem was not that he was married, but that as New York State’s Attorney General, he prosecuted cases involving prostitution, and there was also the question of whether he had misused public funds in his dealings with the call girls (the subsequent investigation showed he had not.)

    Having extra-marital affairs does not preclude anyone from being a good politician. If they were good men, they would probably pick another career path!

    I’d much rather have a good unfaithful politician than an awful faithful one watching over my interests.

    Leave it to H to find a DIFFERENT perspective. I just think she’s attractive…is THAT so wrong?

  6. Tessa says:

    I agree with Thistle – those are godawful ugly paws on the woman. And I guess Dubya is living proof of Nathalie’s thesis.

    I find a woman like this sad, rather than threatening, as I suspect your wife will, too. Her hotness quotient will fade and then what? All those men she’s “entertained” must have taken a toll on her body, and she doesn’t sound terribly smart. I remember an old pal of mine, a renowned swordsman in his day, telling me he that he knew he had reached maturity when what he wanted from a woman was not good head, but good brain.

    I DIDN’T SAY I WANTED TO SLEEP WITH HER!!! I just said she is attractive! Okay?!?!

  7. Mr. F says:

    My God Alan, YOUR wife is way hotter than that tramp. She looks like a damn street walker….SHE IS A STREET WALKER!! I hate to go against you here but you are nasty for thinking she’s hot, she’s nasty for obvious reasons, this post is nasty…..UGHHHH…..God, your supposed to be my role model. I WILL bring this up during grace at thanksgiving dinner….”‘O’ Lord, please bless the stuffing and thank you for all the nasty skanks which have fallen to a special place in my brothers heart…Amen.”

    What the hell is going on here???

  8. mom says:

    Alan!!You’ve been away from home toooo long!! Go home, or at least look at a picture of Steph!! An old country-western song: Don’t fool around with calico when you’ve got silk at home. The one whose in your kitchen is the queen upon your throne, The one who wears your wedding ring is yours to have and hold, don’t fool around with calico when you’ve got silk at home. Didn’t mean to write the whole thing, and in your case it should be don’t THINK about calico, cause I KNOW you’d never fool around. However, the gist of this is how could you think someone like that is hot when you’ve got one of the hottest looking partners ever!!! All you bloggers out there: You’ve seen pics of Alan’s wife (and children). Who do you think is hotter? Steph? or whats-her-name?………..Mom

    Oh no…not my Mom…*sigh*

  9. I don’t think cheating on your spouse is necessarily about the hot factor.

    Look at Hugh Grant, Liz Hurley and Divine Brown.

    Seriously…I have NO intention of EVER cheating on my wife!!! Is there ANYONE out there who thinks this woman, from just looking at her picture and having NEVER met her before, is kinda good looking??? Anyone???

  10. mom says:

    I know Alan would never cheat physically, but I still don’t think there is anyone out there hotter than Steph!! Of course, Al always told me when he quit looking, I could bury him!!!

    Somehow the train ran off the track…

    I dunno what to say…

  11. Mr. F says:

    Dirt in his eye’s could explain this…..

    Oh…shut it.

  12. Ha ha! This is hilarious! Now I want to meet your family. I love your mom! (Hi Alan’s mom!!)

    Well…if you’re ever in Zanesville, Ohio, I’m sure she’d meet you for coffee at the local Tim Horton’s…

  13. OMG these are the funniest comments ever. Poor Alan. LOL

  14. Danielle-lee says:

    OMG. I am laughing my ass off here! I wish I hadn’t missed this string of comments! Yes, she’s pretty, no I DON’T THINK YOU ARE A BAD GUY FOR LOOKING AT ANOTHER LADY AND SAYING YOU ARE ATTRACED TO HER, AND NO I DONT THINK THAT MEANS YOU WOULD CHEAT ON YOUR WIFE, and yes, your wife is gorgeous too, and
    omg, poor you! They were all giving you hell, huh?

    And really, what is it about her hands? b/c she has short nails? I don’t think they look that manly. Although, the fax sexy smile is annoying.

    Well THANK YOU! Another woman on MY side! Yeah!

  15. RUTH ANN says:


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