*sigh* (a guy’s lament)

Throw out the “call girl” part and tell me she’s not attractive!

So yesterday I decided to go out on a limb and blog about this 23-year old call girl who ruined the career of a New York politician (and deservedly so, I might add). I personally think she is attractive. I like brunettes with brown eyes. Anyone who has met my wife would know! She’s a slender brunette with brown eyes! And I love her dearly! So…I want to go on record right now that I NEVER, EVER would cheat on her. I would NEVER attempt to have or ever ACTUALLY have any kind of romantic relationship with any other woman besides her. And I definitely would NEVER cheat on her with a call girl from New York with brown eyes, brown hair and a pretty smile. Oh…and a kickin’ body. And, apparently, man hands.

So to all those wonderful bloggers out there (and my Mom and brother) who checked in and commented yesterday, I appreciate your concern…however I have no intention of ever cheating on my wife, the mother of my 2 children and the one person who keeps me in my place. I will, however, continue to admire beautiful women from a distance and I will not avert my eyes at the grocery store checkout aisle where they have Cosmopolitan and Glamour with women in bathing suits and I will not change the channel when CBS decides to air the Victoria Secret Christmas special (and I DO enjoy the commercials also!) and I will probably continue to imagine what Monica Belucci and Sara Evans and Kate Beckinsale look like naked. I do believe that this is what makes a man a man and I won’t apologize for it. That being said, I can appreciate the fact that so many of you voiced your concern about my interest in said Call Girl and so I will be careful as to which subjects I choose to blog about from here on out…even if I don’t really think I did anything wrong…

Also…thanks to those of you (Mom and Frank) who think my wife is beautiful. I concur! She IS beautiful and I love her more than anyone can imagine!

But I still find it amusing that not ONE PERSON finds Ashley Dupree attractive. Really? No one?


Oh well…guess I can’t win ’em all!

P.S. And Frank…YOU suck!!!

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8 Responses to *sigh* (a guy’s lament)

  1. Blah la Blah says:

    She’s pretty, but I don’t count because I’m a girl.
    I have to say it is refreshing when you read how much a man loves his wife. I liked reading that as I am sure your entire, worried family will :), and your wife.

    THAT’S NOT TRUE! You ESPECIALLY count because you are a girl! I was getting worried that I had lost my mind! See!!! Someone else thinks she’s pretty! Yahooo!

    And yes…I DO love my wife! I’m allowed to think other women are attractive…right?

  2. Tessa says:

    Hey, I agreed she was hot. But I also feel sorry for the girl, because she has spent her life being used by men. And I would never accuse you of wanting to sleep with her, because I’ve seen how you write about your wife – who must be killing herself laughing at the shit-storm you walked yourself into, btw! But maybe you need a little chat with your Mom and brother … ;-]

    If it makes you feel better, I always point out hot women to The First Husband. So there …

    And my wife points out hot women to me also! So this is all pretty funny. As a matter of fact, when this story hit months ago, I mentioned THEN that I thought the call girl was attractive. As for the “being used by men” comment, my feeling is this, and my wife and I have discussed this as well…SHE makes the decision to do what she does. No one else. I don’t feel sorry for her. She could have found a regular job like everyone else. But she chose prostitution. And from the looks of her, she could have done just about anything she wants too. So…I don’t feel sorry for her at all. But she is attractive, just as Hollywood starlets are attractive, and my wife is attractive and many women I have known are attractive. I’m not making any judgement calls on her mental capacity (she could be a raving idiot. Look at Jessica Simpson…and she’s not a hooker…I don’t think…) and I have no idea what her economic background is. I haven’t done any research on her whasoever. I was making a blanket statement that I think she is attractive. She could have an amazing IQ and be a brilliant scientist who just cured cancer. Would she be more attractive then to all of the women who judge her so harshly? Hell…I DON’T KNOW! I just think she’s good-looking!!! GAH!!!! Am I going crazy here???

  3. Tammy says:

    She is a pretty girl – but you left out one thing. The most attractive part to a woman is her intelligence… otherwise she’s just a pretty package. This Ashley obviously isn’t very smart or she would’ve chosen a different profession. That’s just my two cents.

    I concur. She is obviously NOT a smart woman. But she IS attractive! Thats my point!

  4. thistle says:

    well said tammy and Tessa…can’t add much more to that…

    Oh I’m sure we could ALL go on about this. I’m tempted to start a new blog…”Ho Or Not”!!! LOL

  5. Danielle-lee says:

    Ashley is gorgeous. As is your wife! Omg, I don’t think you should stop looking at women! That IS part of being human-looking at beautiful things, including other humans!

    PS. Have you missed me? 🙂 I’m going to comment on every single one of your posts that I have missed. Get ready!!!

  6. Woody says:

    Yeah, I think she’s pretty too. But I thought it was really funny that she wasn’t in it for the money. If not the money, what? The meaningful relationships??

    Obviously its for the close relationships that street walking brings…

  7. mom says:

    Didn”t EVER think you would cheat on Steph. I’d kill you if you did. Since I’m not a man, I can’t see what you think is ‘hot’. As above bloggers stated, a “hot” woman is one you can talk to when the kids go to bed. Share your day with. And when you are old, say 70 and 67, you still have a lot to share. But as the old 70 year old says, when he stops looking, I can bury him. Again, I never thought you would hurt Steph. EVER, EVER thought that. Still don’t think the pouty-lip Ashley is hot……….Have you ever looked at Amber up close?……….mom

    What in the world does my sister have to do with a New York call girl??? Are you crazy Mom??? LOL

  8. Mr. F says:

    Guys paid her mountains of money to go where….alot of people had been before, she is a marketing wizard. Hell yeah she’s smart…..and NASTY. Finding her attractive is alot like women who drool over pro wrestlers, makes no sense to us outside of the trailer park – but whatever.
    As for her looks, nope…don’t see the hottness.

    And why do I suck?! Nasty……………..

    It’s MR. McNasty to you mister!

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