McDonald’s News Headlines!


GET YOUR HEADLINES HERE! READ ALL ABOUT YOUR McDONALD’S NEWS HERE! Little did you know that Mickey D’s ain’t just a place to get a Big Mac! Apparently it’s got so much more drama to offer!!!

News Headline #1: IPhone User Suing McDonalds’ For Leaking Nude Photos!
According to the Associated Press, an Arkansas man left his IPhone at a McDonalds that apparently had nude pictures of his wife stored on it. When he went back to retrieve it, someone had taken the photos and posted them on a website. Lesson to be learned…don’t leave nude photos on your IPhone at McDonalds without having a passcode set up!!! You can read all about it HERE.

News Headline #2: Experts Say Banning Fast Food Ads On T.V. Would Help Keep Our Youth From Getting Fat!
Now who comes up with this stuff? Seriously…someone wasted their hard earned cash on THIS study??? Because this is stupid. Ads on tv don’t make kids fat. PARENTS make kids fat by taking them to McDonalds every other day to get the latest Happy Meal toy. Having an ad on television is NOT why kids are fat! McDonalds can advertise all they want and it doesn’t affect a child in any way. Maybe they should also ban car ads. Because usually kids get to McDonalds in a vehicle of some kind. Dumb experts…

News Headline #3: Economy In The Crapper! Newer & Bigger McDonald’s Being Built!
That’s right. Right here in Cincinnati, a BIGGER & BETTER McDonalds is being promised in West Chester, OH. The owner is gonna demolish the one that is standing and replace it with a $1.6 million McDonalds mansion. So, as the economy goes down the tubes, McDonalds in northern Cincinnati is doing quite well. So well, that they have to build a whole new one! Well…there ya go. If you are interested…go HERE (but for the record…I’m NOT interested. I just happened to see it in the paper last week…).

So the rules that apply here are…you’re gonna eat Big Macs. You and your kids are gonna get fat. If you leave naked pictures of your wife laying around, they’ll probably end up on the net. And McDonalds ain’t going away anytime soon, bad economy or not! And that is the latest in McDonalds News Headlines! Tune in later as we show you how the Birger King is actually a serial killer! Anyone with a large, plastic head and a strange, demented smile HAS to be a little crazy…right?

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6 Responses to McDonald’s News Headlines!

  1. Alan, have you grown a beard? 🙂

    Am I THAT creepy???

  2. Tammy says:

    Suing McDonald’s for that? Did Ronald post the pics himself? Probably the Hamburglar… he seems a little pervy to me. But not as pervy as Burger King – and what, is he a rapper now? Sheesh. I am soooo out of touch.

  3. Blah la Blah says:

    I thought the photo of the the nude lady was your favorite call girl. They do look kinda similar. 🙂

  4. mop master says:

    Who were these “experts” that found ads make kids fat? That has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have heard. The BK guy is just creepy!!!

    Stupid, right? And I TOTALLY agree about the BK guy.

  5. Come Alan, tell me the following McDonalds ads are not targeting children… Do you think that McDonalds advertising department would spend millions on useless ads?

    In Europe, many countries have restrictions on ads inciting children to consumption.

    Ya know what…I’m gonna totally disagree with you on this one. First of all, McDonalds is a business and they are only doing what businesses do. It is their job to sell a product. It is OUR responsibility, as a parent or as someone who is overweight, to watch what we eat. To moderate ad time because consumers have no self-restraint is pathetic. It’s the same thing with these bailouts that are happening on a national level. You know what…I know what I can eat. I know what I can afford to buy. You should accept responsibility for yourself and your family. Either that or turn off the damn t.v. and go outside and get some exercise. And that is MY opinion and I’m sticking to it…

  6. Danielle-lee says:

    OMG. The burger king guy creeps me out!

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