What The Heck…Plaxico Burress?

Hey everyone! Look at me! I’m an idiot!

You are a premier NFL wide receiver that has just won the greatest Super Bowl in the history of Super Bowls. You are playing for a juggernaut of a team that is steamrolling its way to another possible Super Bowl appearance. You have just received a 5-year contract worth over $35 million dollars and didn’t have to play one game in the preseason. You have had an average season this year, not really overproducing, but still managing to make a difference in a few games. So…with all that, what do you do?

I’m thinking shooting yourself in the leg in a nightclub in Manhattan probably isn’t what you were thinking. But that is exactly what Plaxico Burress did Friday night. At this point, details are sketchy, but you have to wonder WTF?!?! is a guy thinking when this stuff happens?

You are in MIDSEASON. Why are you out clubbing around? You are making millions of dollars to work maybe 20 weekends out of the year. Save the nonsense for the offseason. You want to cart a gun around? Do it in June. You want to shoot yourself in the leg? Why not do it the weekend AFTER the Super Bowl and then spend the rest of the offseason “recovering” from your injury? But doing this in Week 13 is kinda stupid. No…I take that back…it’s not only stupid, its idiotic, dumb, retarded and blatantly ridiculous.

So…as the head coach of the New York Giants, I would be firing your ass and hiring someone who WANTS to win a Super Bowl. I would be trading the Cincinnati Bengals for Chad Johnson and then negate your contract and let you sit at home watching while the team you play for goes on to another possible Super Bowl win.

You…are an idiot. And I’m not even a Giants fan.

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2 Responses to What The Heck…Plaxico Burress?

  1. Mr. F says:

    If I shoot myself will my employer still pay me? Are they going to pay him for this crap?

    I have no idea. I hope not!

  2. Danielle-lee says:

    Okay, see here’s my thought:
    WHY THE HELL DO YOU NEED TO CARRY A GUN IN THE FIRST PLACE?? Is he THAT popular and scared for his life that he feels the need to carry a gun? Sheesh.

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