A Wish List To Remember


A week or so ago, I was told in my comments section (see THIS blog) that my site had too much T&A (tinsel & angel dust?) on it. Apparently this has rubbed off on my son. Notice the wish list that he wrote up for his sister for Santa…

Kinda early to be requesting THOSE for a 4-year old…doncha think? LOL

(P.S. And for the record, he was asking Santa for skirts and tights! So there!)

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9 Responses to A Wish List To Remember

  1. Blah la Blah says:

    I figured out the tights, took me a second though. That is funny and cute all wrapped in one very pretty tinsel and angel dust package.

  2. Mom says:

    Great writing Christopher!!! I could read all of it and I think it was wonderful for you to help Ava write to Santa. I hope you get all you need and some of what you just want!!! See you in March!! Love…..Grandma

  3. You need to save that list. I will probably be very valuable in, say, 10-12 years!

  4. Mom says:

    I do not know how your name got on my computer, unless you guys messed it up on Thanksgiving trying to wifi my printer. The wifi on the printer works!!! But I can hardly read the font on my e-mail or on your blog.

  5. ashley says:

    That is AWESOME!

  6. mandy says:

    So you’re supposed to ask SANTA for them? No wonder mine never showed up!

  7. Danielle-lee says:

    OMG!!! Please save that list. Let him see it when he is a teen, and then when he is a dad himself. that is PRICELESS!!! LOL!

    Oh…we’re gonna save it alright! And when Ava starts whining about wanting bigger boobs, we can tell her that her brother already requested them and they were all out. LOL

  8. Tammy says:

    LMAO – that should be framed. Skirts and tits… priceless!

  9. LOL That is priceless!

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