Will Smith Knows The Score

MY kind of hero!

Watching the Barbara Walters (BaBa WaWa) Top 10 Most Fascinating People show last night with the wife and, of course, Barack Obama was listed as #1. And she also had Hannah Montana, Tina Fey, Sarah Palin, Tom Cruise, Micheal Phelps, Rush Limbaugh (huh?), Thomas Beatie (who?), and Frank Lagella (why?). Which is all fine and good, however it was Will Smith who made the biggest impression. The guy knows what the deal is and here are a couple of points that he made that made complete sense to me…

  • He has a very good life. He’s got a great career, a great family and Hollywood wrapped around his finger. With 8 films over $100 million each, I’d say he’s not doing so bad. And this makes him the brightest star in Hollywood.
  • If he wanted, he could probably run for President and win. I’d say this is really not as arrogant a statement as it might sound. As popular as he is, it’s probably not far fetched. And for the record, he says he will NEVER do it. Why should he…he’s enjoying doing what he does and making millions! Presidency would be a step back for him.
  • And the #1 statement that he made last night? Marriage is the toughest job you’ll ever have. If divorce is NOT an option, then the only thing you can do is make it work and enjoy each other’s company. I like that statement and I agree 100%.

Who would be MY Top 10 Most Fascinating People in 2008? Hmmm…I’m agreeing with 7 of the 10 (Obama, Smith, Cruise, Montana/Cyrus, Palin, Fey, Phelps), and then I’d go with John McCain (it WAS a Presidential election year after all), Heath Ledger (even though it would be a tough interview) and then either Madonna (seriously, she’s got the biggest tour going and she’s had a rough personal life. If that ain’t fascinating, then I don’t know what is!) or American Idol winner David Cook. So there ya go…an EARLY Top 10 list from me!

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2 Responses to Will Smith Knows The Score

  1. Danielle-lee says:

    I don’t quite know why she picked tom cruise either. i am so over him! And rush? OMG-he looked so uncomfortable. and he’s sorta arragont.
    i loved will smith talking about marriage. he is so right!
    And yeah, i was hoping mccain would be in there. he is pretty cool.

  2. Tammy says:

    I lurve Will Smith. He’s a very stand up man and is a great role model for so many… who knew… The Prince of Bel Air.

    Seriously! That’s what I’m thinking also! Who woulda thunk?

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