Birthday Surprises

My family humors me

So yesterday was my 40th birthday (REALLY?!? Noooo…you don’t say?), and my wife and kids and my bestests friends made sure that is was a day to remember! First off, my son and my wife BOTH caught the stomach flu that my daughter had this past weekend, so that was lingering. Other than that though…I made out pretty good with some cool gifts and a great dinner at Brio’s with all my friends (Steph had to leave early though. Couldn’t stomach even looking at the food! Poor woman…). Here are some pics of the day and of my cool gifts that I received!

The kids decorated the cake. Can you tell?

Opening the birthday cards

Blowin’ Out The Candles

Not the most flattering pose

My BIG gift

Framed credentials from events that I have worked! Kinda cool!

Rich & Lynne (and the one on the way) enjoyed the dinner

Newman thinks I’m crazy

My friends know me well…an ITunes card, an AMC theatre giftcard, vintage 1968 t-shirt and an 80’s giftpack with a Ferris Bueller DVD, a Rubics cube and a 3-disk 80’s music CD pack!

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5 Responses to Birthday Surprises

  1. Looks like you had a great birthday! Welcome to the dark side of life. LOL

  2. oooo that 80s gift pack would be perfect for someone on my shopping list….off to google for it now.

  3. Amber says:

    Sounds like a great birthday Alan, I wish I could have been there! Love you, and the Fam! Happy B-Day again!

  4. mandy says:

    80’s gift pack! They do know you well…

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