Top 10 Movies That I Can’t Turn Off

That’s odd…I can’t seem to find the remote…

Flipping through the television dial, there’s never anything on. But every now and then I come across a movie that I have seen a million times and I…just…can’t…change…the…channel…

10. Predator
Ahnold kicks serious alien butt and the whole movie is tension filled! Great popcorn movie and a classic of it’s genre.

9. My Cousin Vinny
Whenever Joe Pesci says “yoots”, I laugh. And Marissa Tomei is great. Just a fun movie to sit and watch and let the hours tick away…

8. Doc Hollywood
I haven’t seen this one in a while on t.v., but they should run it every weekend on TBS! I love this little film and it later went on to spawn “Cars”!

7. The Replacements
A bad movie about bad football and I love it! Any movie that has stripper cheerleaders can’t be all that bad…right? 

6. Tommy Boy
Chris Farley was a great physical comedian. And this movie was a bright spot on his career! Remember “Fat Guy In A Little Coat”? I do…

5. Die Hard
An American classic. And it’s great even if they DO edit out all the great cuss lines!

4. Roadhouse
Kelly Lynch is hot, Patrick Swayze looks girly and the plot is ridiculous. But I can’t NOT watch!

3. The Wizard Of Oz
I remember when I was a little kid and this movie was on tv once a year. I couldn’t wait to see it! Now I own it on DVD, but I still find myself watching it when it’s on…commercials be damned!

2. Shawshank Redemption
Another classic that seems like it’s on every other hour. But it’s still one of the greatest films of my time. And it’s a Stephen King creation…which makes it even cooler.

1. It’s A Wonderful Life
It’s just not Christmas if I haven’t watched this on NBC, or TBS, or any of the other billions of channels that seem to air this at any given time. I’ll watch it every time!

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5 Responses to Top 10 Movies That I Can’t Turn Off

  1. I cry every time I watch It’s a Wonderful Life but I LOVE IT!!

  2. Mom says:

    If the prize were a million dollars if I could name Alan’s all-time favorite Christmas Film, I would be rich!! RICH!! Because I know it is “A Wonderful Life” O-K! Where’s the lottery? Did I win?? GIVE ME THE MONEY!!!

    Apparently the Florida sun has affected my mother’s mind…

  3. Amber says:

    Great list, Alan. I love THe Wizard of Oz nit only because it’s a great film, but you brought it home one year from college just to watch with me. You probably don’t remember that, but it made me feel very special. Thanks again!!!

  4. heather says:

    I watch It’s A Wonderful Life several times every December. It never gets old.

  5. Plunger Girl says:

    Kelly Lynch IS hot. In The L Word, where she played Ivan, yeah…I fell in love.

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