Health Insurance Is Giving Me Ulcers

Oh look…a happily insured family! Notice…MY family is NOWHERE to be seen!

A few months ago, I wrote about the fact that Anthem, our long-time insurance company, would not insure me any longer because of my back issues from last year. So my wife and I looked around and found an insurance agent who recommended United Healthcare. I figured that a different agency would look at my situation a little differently if they hadn’t paid off any of my previous bills for my sciatica. I mean, I haven’t had any problems with it since last January and have been working out and trying to eliminate the probability of it returning, so I’m thinking this should be an easy deal.  But noooooooo…no dice.

My wife and I had applied online, thinking it might speed up the process. A person from United called and asked about my back and if I had had any reoccurring problems. It seemed like a nice conversation and I figured I wouldn’t have any problems getting covered. But the paperwork came in the mail on Saturday. My kids and my wife can be covered. I, on the other hand, cannot. So now I’m back to square one and somewhat befuddled.

I have to admit, I really didn’t think this would be this difficult. I mean, I feel healthy. I look healthy. I always pay my insurance bills on time. So I don’t know what to do. I’m thinking about just setting up a medical savings account and having money transferred in every month and calling it a day. Because I don’t know what I can do if the insurance companies refuse to cover me. I guess I’m a liability. And that’s fine. Unfortunately, if I go down, my family comes with me, because I am the moneymaker in my household and without me, we’re screwed! So that makes me feel a little uneasy. Okay…it makes me MORE than a little uneasy…it’s enough of to give me ulcer!

So where do I go from here, dear friends? Do I set up a medical account, throw a couple hundred in there and start saving for a rainy day? Or do I continue filling out paperwork and (at some point) turn to lying about my past condition in order to get covered and then hope it never happens again? Looking for some opinions here, so get out your typing fingers and help me out…mmmmkay?

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7 Responses to Health Insurance Is Giving Me Ulcers

  1. Blah la Blah says:

    Do both. That way if you ever get accepted then you have money to do something fun! But if not, at least you have been proactive. Have you looked into any government programs to see if there is anything they can do to help? (laughable to think they will help, but you should ask, you never know)

  2. have you talked to an agent that works with several different companies?

    Kind of. He originally liked United, so we applied there first. I’m sure there are many other options…I’m just losing interest trying to find them!

  3. But aren’t medical savings accounts for covering the deductibles on high-deductible insurance and not a substitute for insurance?

    I agree with The Villager – talk to an agent!

    Yes…they are. I would basically create a savings account and lose on the before taxes savings. Which totally sucks…

  4. Amber says:

    Do both and call a better agent. One back problem shouldn’t make you lose your inurance. Look at your little sis and what she’s been through in the last two years, I’m still covered.

    We didn’t “lose” insurance. Steph quit her job so we were looking to pay for it ourselves. I am making it more difficult to find because of my back…

  5. Tessa says:

    That’s insane! Sciatica is no reason to stop coverage. It’s not like a recurrence is going to cost hundreds of thousands in weird drugs or stuff. I’ve had sciatica for years, comes and goes, and it has never even come up in terms of medical coverage. I’ve also had three back surgeries, including a spinal fusion, which doesn’t seem to both insurers. Although, here in Canada, insurance is something you do through work to cover you for extras like private rooms and such. You’re jake for everything else, no matter what your health history. Thank maude for socialized medicine.

    I’ve seen “Sicko” by Michael Moore. I need to move north, I suppose…

  6. Mr F says:

    Legally change your adress to Mom and Dads and have them reclaim you as a dependant. Have them open an insurance plan covering you and your dependants (they may need to claim your spouse and children as well) and you foot the bill to cover all cost. As a dependant the insurance company is less likely to ask what past health problems you have had and are more likely to wonder why a 39 (your welcome) year old man is living with ma and pa.
    If an appointment is made for an insurer visit, have Mom and Dad schedule this aroubd your trips near home. Also, you may want to consider “renting” out your house to Steph so that she does not have to be claimed by Mom and Dad, she can stay her own dependant.
    Get a job with a normal, everyday, low wage company that forces their insurance provider to cover you. I think you can qualify for decent coverage at Burger King or any mid level position at Wal-Mart.

    Good Luck, I am going to lift some heavy boxes to see what happens….because I am insured!!! HAHAHAHA!
    Just kidding, that really sucks.

    And this is why I never listen to my brother…

  7. I feel your pain, Alan. Because I had a hysterectomy, they want to exclude anything and everything that has to do with female issues. Hello?? WTF?? I had everything taken out that would be an issue so you’d think they’d be happy to pay for hormones to keep me healthy but no. My daughter is another issue. She’s got so many health issues she’ll never be able to buy individual health insurance and therefore is stuck working in a job she hates because of the group coverage.

    Talk to your employer about getting you group insurance (they can’t exclude) even if you pay for all of it. If you are self employed, some states let you get group coverage if you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce and have at least one paid employee (you could pay your wife).

    Anyway, just a few things to think about. Good luck!

    oh, and lying about it will bite you in the butt because they will get your records and even if they’ve accepted you and you’ve paid your premiums, they will drop you like a hot potato.

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