A “Friend” In Need…Of Some Clothes?

Who here likes Jennifer Aniston? I admit…I do! She’s not exactly an Angelina Jolie or a Monica Belucci…but she’s definitely a looker! And maybe she knows this about herself? Because next month finds her stark nekkid on the cover of GQ…again! And this time, she’s only wearing…a tie??? Wow!

What’s up with America’s Sweetheart? At least she was wearing pants on the first cover! Now it’s down to nothing. Next up…Playboy! Woohoo! Just what America needs…another “Friend”ly nude shot from a television superstar trying to make it in the movies. Not that I don’t like the cover…because I definitely do. But just so she knows…ya don’t have to be naked to be popular. We all kind of like her anyways. And even if she DID disappear into the annals of movie history, she will always have “Office Space”!!! And what’s wrong with that?

Oh yeah…here’s the cover! What do you think?

People Aniston

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7 Responses to A “Friend” In Need…Of Some Clothes?

  1. Mr F says:

    That tie is horrible, she should take it off.

    I agree!

  2. lmcope says:

    If ya got it, flaunt it! She looks awesome for being 39!! I’m just jealous…. 🙂

  3. Mom says:

    Leave it to Frank!!! Surely the most humorous man on planet earth!!!….. Mom

  4. I agree, the tie is out dated. I don’t agree for the same reasons Frank does, however. I think she’s prettier than Jolie. Jolie is skanky. Although posing w/only a tie on is kind of skanky too.

  5. Plunger Girl says:

    The thing she’s doing with her hands to hold the nips in is weird. She looks like she’s pretending to be a begging dog.

  6. mandy says:

    Yeah, the hand thing is weird. And the fact that she looks so nonchalant while posing nude (in front of the photographer, the lighting guy, the hair/makeup guy, etc) is kind of disturbing. Isn’t this the sainted Jen whose defenders constantly chastize Angelina for skankiness? I like them both, but I’m not sure this is really the best thing Jen could be doing for her image right now.

  7. heather says:

    I always loved her as an actress, and she does have a nice body, albeit a little too thin, but I just never thought she was THAT freakin pretty. I don’t get it.

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