Manning vs Manning

2 brothers. 2 Super Bowl rings. Any idea how rare that is? I mean, I type for a living and my brother sells clothes to juveniles (which makes him the better of us because who wants naked kids running around town?). Neither of us will ever win a Super Bowl or appear in an NFL Pro Bowl! But that is what happened this week when brothers Peyton and Eli were selected to the 2009 Pro Bowl. 

So…who is the better quarterback? Here are the stats…


Peyton Manning: 45,533 yards, 94.6 Passer Rating, 332 TDs, 2 Hall of Fame receivers in 11 seasons. 1 Super Bowl ring.


Eli Manning: 14,323 yards, 75.9 Passer Rating, 97 TDs, 1 really stupid receiver (who shot himself in the leg) in 5 seasons. 1 Super Bowl ring.

So you decide! Who would be YOUR choice? For my money…I’m taking Peyton.

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9 Responses to Manning vs Manning

  1. mandy says:

    Well, YEAH, it’s Peyton.

  2. Yeah, I’m taking Peyton too. Plus he went to UT so I must pull for a fellow alum!

    I’ve always felt sorry for the other Manning brother. He was sick or in an accident or something that forced him from playing football.

    Everyone knows your Dad and both your brothers and then the reaction about you is “Oh, you mean there is another Manning?”

  3. phhhst says:

    Thems some good genes. Do you follow surfing? Andy and Bruce Irons rock the pro surf world. Another set of brothers.

  4. Mr F says:

    I will go with…Eli! The question will be answered in the long run of which brother is better and that is usually by rings. Peyton probably won’t get another shot while Eli has several great years ahead.

  5. Singh says:

    Eli is a better than Peyton because Eli is more consistent than Peyton and also because I’m a Giants Fan. I think that Eli is better than Peyton.

  6. emma says:


  7. zero says:

    peyton is better and cooler cuz im #1 fan of peyton and eli both cool but peyton better cholts rock

  8. smartie says:

    eli he is smarter and way hotter

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