Top 10 Albums Of 2008

A good body of work is sometimes very hard to find. You would think that 12 or 13 songs would be easy…right? But not always. But this year, there seemed to be a bevy of artists and bands that managed to put together a quality group of music and have made putting together a solid album look kinda easy. So here they are…MY Top 10 Albums of 2008!


10. The Dirtbombs – “We Have You Surrounded”
(released February 26 on In The Red Records)
After seeing this band live, I HAD to have their music…and this disc doesn’t disappoint! Lots of heavy guitar work and ferocious drumming. This is a grunge band at it’s best!

Music The Cure

9. The Cure – “4:13 Dream”
(released Oct. 28 on Geffen Records)
Robert Smith gets no love. He’s not even mentioned in Rolling Stones Top 50 Greatest Singers Of All-Time? But that’s okay, because his band has been creating great goth-rock for years! This album is another feather in his cap. Great all the way through!


8. TV On The Radio – “Dear Science” 
(released Sept. 16 on Touch & Go Records)
Not one song sounds the same. And this makes this band the most unique band of 2008. Critics love them! But they GOT to get a new sound mixer for their live shows! Their mix sucked when I saw them!


7. The Gutter Twins – “Saturnalia”
(released March 4th on Sub Pop Records)
Greg Dulli (Afghan Whigs) and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees) team up to crank out some moody alternative rock. Plus…I love the album cover. So don’t download this one…go buy it and get the whole package!


6. AC/DC – “Black Ice”
(released August 20 on Columbia Records)
Angus breaks out his boogie guitar and jams the blues while Brian Johnson returns with his familiar growl. It was worth the wait!


5. R.E.M. – “Accelerate”
(released on March 29 on Warner Brothers)
A return to form for one of the greatest college bands EVER! This album rocks like the old days for Michael Stipe and the gang.


4. The Virgins
(released October 21 on Atlantic Records)
Straight forward pop rock. Nothing wrong with that. And a whole slew of songs that get stuck in your head like bubble gum on wet cement!


3. Vampire Weekend
(released January 29 on XL)
Who knew that a hip Ivy league college band could throw reggae, world music, new wave and some chamber music into a blender and come out with an album that reaks of power pop alternative! I’m thinking Paul Simon would be proud…


2. Coldplay – “Viva La Vida”
(released June 11 on EMI Records)
From the first song to the last, Chris Martin’s voice soars to new heights and Brian Eno’s production value shines through.


1. Kings Of Leon – “Only By The Night”
(released August 26 on RCA Records)
Anyone who has been reading my blog here for the past couple of months knows how much I love this album. Not a bad song in the bunch and it’s just a great mixture of blues and rock. With Caleb Followills’ strained (and oddly restrained) delivery, this album delivers moody and introspective rock. It’s a great step forward for a band that could have been dismissed as the “next” Black Crowes. But this album will hopefully allow them to break out on their own and show everyone that they can be their OWN band.

Also for your consideration: Gnarls Barkley “The Odd Couple”, MGMT “Oracular Spectacular”, Bell XI “Flock”, Girl Talk “Feed The Animals”, The Black & White Years, Bryan Adams “11”

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2 Responses to Top 10 Albums Of 2008

  1. Blah la Blah says:

    Great list. Totally diggin Kings of Leon lately. Totally! Loved the Cure growing up, will have to check out the new CD. I also liked one song I heard by Vampire Weekend, so I will have to see what the others are like, and you seem to be fond of the Virgins. So will have to give it a listen too!

  2. Nice to see you finally have your list…I may end up with a top 9…I can’t seem to fill the last spot.

    Very respectable list btw. I’ll have to check out the Dirtbombs and The Gutter Twins…

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