Top 10 Things To Do When Stranded In An Airport For 16 Hours

There’s our plane…and it’s goin’ nowhere fast!

16 hours is a lot of time to be spending in one place…and going NOWHERE! But I did it! Sea-Tac is a nice enough airport, but I wouldn’t wish today on my worst enemies. But while I was there, I got the creative juices flowin’ and came up with THIS comprehensive list of things that you can do to bide the time…

10. Eat dinner (drink a beer)

9. Text every friend you know and tell them how much you HATE airports!

8. Read ALL of the magazines at the shops and don’t buy ANY of them.

7. Eat breakfast (drink coffee)

6. Ride the moving sidewalk…several times.

5. Take several 12 minute naps in uncomfortable positions throughout your time at the airport

4. Annoy airline representatives by asking them stupid questions about possible upgrades while hundreds of people wait in line behind you.

3. Count ALL of the canceled flights on the DEPARTURES board and see if they equal your age muliplied by 5.

2. Eat lunch (drink beer AND coffee)

1. Research how long it would take you to drive from Seattle to Cincinnati and if it logistically can be done in 24 hours!

Aaaand…that was MY Monday! Hope you had a better one! 🙂

My 43rd cup of coffee today…

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5 Responses to Top 10 Things To Do When Stranded In An Airport For 16 Hours

  1. Oh dear, you forgot the proverbial “creepy guy hanging out by the video games but not playing anything” gig….

    Also, the whispering about how you heard that they asked some student pilots to fill in over Christmas so help with the holiday traffic – game. Your 17 year old nephew is somewhere over Dallas right now. – someone is always dumb enough to believe that crap. I like to see the panic in their eyes.

    Hope you made it out…or will….

  2. Ugh!! I hating traveling around the holidays. Between the crowds and the weather … it’s never fun! Hope you got home safely!

  3. kmcdade says:

    Did you make it out, or was your flight canceled?

  4. Amber says:

    How’s that grass now, Frank?

  5. Mom says:

    I wonder if the incredible woody still wants your job? Glad you got home; sorry I woke you up. Merry Christmas, my first born child!!! Love………

    You didn’t wake me up! And you call anytime you want Mom! 🙂 Merry Christmas!

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